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Jun 2017
Jun 12 2017 06:09
It seems that you have already renewed the frontend and backend packages recently. Could I still use the previous instructions for installing on Linux to install the latest packages on Ubuntu?
Zen 楊為任
Jun 12 2017 09:04
Hi there,
Do you know what this error could be?
execute(); } else { / Some hosters set $_SERVER['ORIG_PATH_INFO'] instead of the more standard $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'], we check for that here. Otherwise, let Kohana try to automatically detect the URI. / $server_path = TRUE; if (array_key_exists('ORIG_PATH_INFO', $_SERVER)) { $server_path = $_SERVER['ORIG_PATH_INFO']; } / Execute the main request. Use the URI passed in the first parameter, if not specified (defaults to TRUE), we will try to automatically detect the URI. */ echo Request::factory($server_path, array(), FALSE) ->execute() ->send_headers(TRUE) ->body(); }
for the backend (platform).
Thank you!!!!
Pietro Ruiu
Jun 12 2017 10:20
I've correctly installed ushahidi v3 on my server, following ushahidi/platform-release installation instructions. Now I would like to connect the mobile app, but seems something is missing. I cannot find config.json and I don't know how to find backend-url within Docker environment (only listening on port 80). Someone can help me? Thanks.
Jun 12 2017 12:22
[David Losada, Ushahidi] hi! I’ll come back in a couple hours to look at recent questions, sorry for the hold up!
Jun 12 2017 14:39
@nike5501_twitter php5.6! Case Closed!