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Jun 2017
Jun 28 2017 07:10
[Mafura Tendai] Hi, I am using smssync 3.1.1 on my android phone. When I try to add a sync service, when i tap test integration, I get a message "Web service doesn't seem to have the right endpoint". I am not sure why. I have tested that the endpoint works properly with http POST using curl and I have made sure to enter the url correctly.
Can anyone help me out with this?
seeing the last message was a long while back, does anyone check messages here?
Jun 28 2017 08:30
[Y.I. Kwon] HI... I want to help Korean translation. I need this....

[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] Hi all.. thank you for your patience. The Ushahidi team is streaming back into circulation this week and will be able to respond much faster than last week :).

Ryan, thanks so much for your contributions! We're loving what we're seeing, and the dev team is looking into your pull requests :).

Hi Mafura, are you using a custom web service or a v3 deployment.

Hi Yi Kwon, this is great to hear. All our translations can be done from here:, and instructions on how to get started can be found here:

Jun 28 2017 08:37
[Y.I. Kwon] Thank you...
[Mafura Tendai] m using a ver 2.7.4
Jun 28 2017 08:46
[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] Mafura, is SSL enabled on your deployment?
[Mafura Tendai] No SSL installed,,,
Jun 28 2017 09:15
[Mafura Tendai] It seems i have managed to solve the issue, m using an Android Vr 4.4.4 with a sumsung model SM-T116, so assumed this as the lowest version of android therefore i downloaded SMSsync Version 3.0.1 which seem to be working fine
Ryan Christoffersen
Jun 28 2017 09:37
@aoduor Thank you Angela! So happy to have found this project! Nothing urgent on my end. I know you just had your team retreat and I’m sure everyone has a little catching up to do. I'm open to constructive feedback if there are any issues with the pull requests and if so I would be more than happy to work through them. Also, please let me know if I'm doing anything that is disrupting the workflow. I want to make sure I help more than hinder!
Jun 28 2017 10:43
[Mafura Tendai] Does version 2.4..7 embed youtube videos
Jun 28 2017 20:03

Hello! After installing the platform I have this error

"Sorry, something went wrong. Try reloading the page." Can any one help me please?