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Jul 2017
Jul 31 2017 13:19 UTC
@ushbot hi can anyone please help me. i deployed ushahidi last year on an amazon EC2 instance. i started by cloning the whole repo from github, and built everything. (I didn't use the release bundle) now i want to upgrade to v 3.7 (i currently hv 3.6). will I need to uninstall the previous version or can I just upgrade even if I didnt use a release bundle to begin with?
Jul 31 2017 15:41 UTC
[David Losada, Ushahidi] yes nqcm, you may upgrade using the same method you used last year. You would update the code by git pulling the latest versions, then run the build commands both for api and client.
Jul 31 2017 19:39 UTC
@ushbot i also deployed a fresh copy on another EC2 using the release bundle, the deployment went smooth , then i followed the steps for using ushahidi app, but the app says that this deployment doesnt have correct configuration. i hv done all the steps from ushahidi support, what could be wrong?