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Sep 2017
Jessica Quynh Tran
Sep 08 2017 12:36
@ushbot Hey Robbie! Thank you for the information. I got in touch with Shadrock with whom I will continue this discussion. To answer your questions, I am at McGill University and we are building a ML model to analyze oncoming social media feeds to raise alert for public safety officers of natural disasters. Our deadline is March 31st of next year :)
Sep 08 2017 14:20
Hi all, seems the ushahidi IRC channel is pretty dead. Someone bridged it to Matrix, but it seems most action is here on Gitter. How about bridging this Gitter room to the Ushahidi Matrix channel?
Also, I've been wondering why the iOS mobile isn't able to submit any survey data -- I get errors when trying to file stuff from China, even with VPN (I know Ushahidi is blocked)