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Sep 2017

hey guys, i have got a big problem and hope to find some help here
there is ushahidi runninng on an old server, so i wanted to transfer it to a new one
but somehow everytime i call the ip adress of the new server i get redirected to the old one
so is in ushahidi a config file where the redirection is happening?

pls help!
thank you in advance

Sep 20 2017 12:10 UTC
[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] Hi F1ko, what version of Ushahidi are you using?
i already solved it
there is a file called config.php in apllication/config/ which has a variable called config['site_domain']
the old url was still in there, so i got redirected
i know used the current ip adress and it works, but i wonder if there is a way to make it easier? maybe by leaving it empty or something like that?
because every time i change the ip adress from now on i would have to edit the file
btw..i also discovered a "bug"
the $config['site_protocol'] was set to https and therefore the css didnt load
after changing it to http it worked fine
the problem ist:
i didnt yet enable https in my firewall, so why did i still get the content of the site but not the css loaded?
shouldnt the permission been blocked instantly?
David Losada
Sep 20 2017 14:47 UTC
this seems to be the old version of Ushahidi (v2) , we haven't worked on that for a few years now. I think I recall it was possible to leave config['site_domain'] empty, but I'm not 100% sure
regarding site_protocol , the app doesn't need this config to serve you the HTML, that's why it works. It would be better if it detected the contradiction and informed you of the misconfiguration... but we just didn't go that far