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Sep 2017
Igor Golov
Sep 25 2017 12:09
@tuxpiper What could it be?
Sep 25 2017 15:12
[David Losada, Ushahidi] @TechnoDexx see the section about “CORS headers” in
Igor Golov
Sep 25 2017 15:30
@ushbot Ok, thank you.
@ushbot In client or not?
Igor Golov
Sep 25 2017 15:46
@ushbot How to configure my web server to serve the config.json file along with a series of HTTP headers?
Igor Golov
Sep 25 2017 15:58
@ushbot I find necesary info.
Igor Golov
Sep 25 2017 16:34
@ushbot From the presented instructions it is not absolutely clear, where to place a file a config.json and instructions cors
Sep 25 2017 17:22
[David Losada, Ushahidi] I’m sorry, we didn’t have time yet to write all that down in absolutely clear detail
[David Losada, Ushahidi] it’s left a bit as an exercise to the reader
Aldo Salgado
Sep 25 2017 18:16
Hi! I´ve seen that you are working on integrating facebook as a data source
Is there any possibilities of having this feature before november?
I´m working on using a telegram bot to post info directly to an Ushahidi API endpoint, for Honduras elections on 26th november
Sep 25 2017 19:17
Hello @WillDoran @davidlosada @ushbot
We need to ask something related to the generated email that notifies the creation of a new post.
In the email, the post is linked as "View post /posts/post_number"
Is it possible to change this option adding the link information? Something like:
"View post"