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Sep 2017
Cam Macdonell
Sep 29 2017 18:52

Hi Ushahidi folks, I work with a group of University faculty that try to help other faculty use humanitarian FOSS projects in their teaching. I've run workshops where I set up a single backend server and distribute a VM with platform-client installed so everyone gets a working installation. This way they can avoid install headaches at the start, play around with Ushahidi and understand the separation of the front and back ends.

One issue I've run into is that with even just a few people sharing a single backend server, we quickly hit the Heroku hourly request limit under a free account.

Is there another hosting service, that has an easy deployment like heroku but without the limits under the "free" accounts?

Any pointers are appreciated :smile:

Romina Suarez
Sep 29 2017 21:07

Hey @cmacdonell . That's really neat. Glad to hear you are using Ushahidi and helping other faculty learn more about FOSS, too.

About your question regarding free accounts for hosting, one option that I think you could look into is deploying in AWS , with the AWS free tier .
That should be enough in the context of teaching, I think.
This guide can help you get started