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Oct 2017
Oct 03 2017 20:32

hey guys
i got a big issue with the map
every time i try to "find location" by typing in a city or whatever, i get the following pop up:
"xy not found! enter more details like city, town, ..." and so on
so i tried to enter more details, however i do get this message EVERY time

so i tried to look closer into it by pressing f12 and saw the following:
Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys
uB.j @ util.js:216
util.js:216 Google Maps API warning: RetiredVersion
uB.j @ util.js:216
util.js:216 Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired

however, i cant find any place to insert a new api key (bing maps is the only one asking for an api key)
if i try to change the map in the settings (lets say OSM) i still get the same error when trying to enter a city
there was only one issue I found about this on github:
he gets the same error message, unfortunately there isnt a solution (the php.ini setting he suggested was already the default one on my server)

I hope there is some1 who could help me out with this issue!
thanks in advance