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Oct 2017
Oct 06 2017 10:25
[David Losada, Ushahidi] Hi, we’ve heard of people having success with php7
[David Losada, Ushahidi] @F1ko , that’s my best guess, it’s all I have. I’d recommend you to give it a try. api_google shouldn’t be empty at all if you intend to use google services. You should register an API key with google (in their developer console), the key should have access to google maps and google geocoding services. Once you have that, you would paste the key in that file.
Terry Zimmer
Oct 06 2017 12:50
Hi everybody, I have a few questions about the installation
Does MariaDB work with the software?
I also need the dimensioning of each of these elements for a "standard" installation:
--> vCPUs
--> RAM
--> Hard Drive Size
Thanks by advance !
Oct 06 2017 13:11
Hi @TechnoDexx
Thanks for your support.
I have some questions.
Where is this file with extension htaccess?
What config files do I have to copy back to the platform client directory?
Igor Golov
Oct 06 2017 13:19
@ArturoQuintana Config files: config.js and config.json, which you keep on previous step. Config.js contain backend_url settings. Config. Jason contains settings for CORS (Ushahidi mobile app support).If you have .htaccess file in platform-client directory you don't to do everything.
Oct 06 2017 13:23
I do not see the .htaccess file in platform-client directory
Igor Golov
Oct 06 2017 13:25
@ArturoQuintana Wait a minute, I will clarify for you.
Oct 06 2017 13:26
I see a config.js in platform-client/app, but its content are all commented
Igor Golov
Oct 06 2017 13:27
@ArturoQuintana config.js in root directory/
Igor Golov
Oct 06 2017 13:32
@ArturoQuintana File config.js in root look like this: // Configure your Ushahidi deployment // // Uncomment lines below to configure your deployment // window.ushahidi = { // backendUrl : "", // mapboxApiKey: "" // };
@ArturoQuintana File rewrite.htaccess need to be renamed to .htaccess
Oct 06 2017 13:41
this is exactly the file I have in platform-client/app, and unfortunately I still do not see any .htaccess, htaccess or rewrite.htaccess
thanks @TechnoDexx I have to go out for a while.
Igor Golov
Oct 06 2017 13:49
@ArturoQuintana Don't mention it. How much memory is on the server? There is a suspicion that we are talking about the fact that if the RAM on the server is less than 1 GB (preferably 2 GB), the client simply will not compile (so much memory is needed for compilation). I had this situation and we found a way out: I used a compiled client.