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Oct 2017
Oct 11 2017 07:30
Could someone pls tell me where to insert a google API?
Oct 11 2017 07:46
I have found a fix for my problem
just in case u want to document it somewhere:
change config['geocode'] to google
Oct 11 2017 07:53
can there be an issue now?
bc i changed it? can i change the answer to german?
the result is an english name (e.g. a town name) even though i do type it in german
Oct 11 2017 09:11
[David Losada, Ushahidi] F1ko, thank you for that . The documentation for this version of Ushahidi is pretty much deprecated at the moment, just like the code. All I think we can really do from our side is add a comment in the config file. About the answers being in German… I think you could try adding a ‘language=de’ parameter in the query string here: