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Oct 2017
Oct 30 2017 07:47
this isnt an ushahidi issue, however, i need it in order to make ushaidi accesable
Oct 30 2017 07:54
using centOS 7 Apache
i have got a couple of VMs on which i run different things (including ushahidi)
my main VM (which has an assigned public IP) shall be the only one which is accessable from outside
so i want all trafic to happen inside my network
e.g. (main VM) (shall redirect everything to the proper VM) and so on
i did manage to do that with a Proxy/ReverseProxy and i do get the content of the firstVM by typing in /firstVM, however, when i do something like it somehow resolvs to and only looks for it on the main Machine
i rly do hope that u guys can help me out!
thanks in advance!
Oct 30 2017 11:39
Hi how to set categories field as required field? I couldn't see that option as we have for other fields
Eimear Lynch
Oct 30 2017 22:38
Hi there, I feel I'm very close to getting the SMSSync to work with my deployment but it is still failing. The error message in the logs has changed now to: "Sending message to the server failed. Server error: request failed. null" Any advice on what to try would be a huge help! Thanks
Does anyone here know if you have to link your SMSSync to the name of a particular survey on your deployment?