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Nov 2017
Nov 06 2017 17:32
[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] Hey folks! Apologies for the delayed response. We’re just coming out of a crazy Dev sprint for our kenyan elections project. The Dev team will be here to answer your queries shortly. We sincerely apologize for the delay!
Nov 06 2017 17:41

[Will Doran, Ushahidi] @eimearlynch_twitter, did you manage to connect to your custom deployment from the mobile app?
The config,json should have the following format

The import fields to have set are “backend_domain”: “”
which should be set to the url of your custom deployments api

For connectivity from the mobile device it is difficult for us to diagnose that issue, can you share your config for SMSSync?

[Will Doran, Ushahidi] @Greta Harman what is the issue you are having?
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] @Desmond-S it is not currently possible to make categories a required field.
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] @F1ko I’m afraid that is slightly outside the scope of what we can help with, it may be best to consult the docs for your proxy/reverse proxy provider, if apache does not support your configuration you may want to try nginx
[Will Doran, Ushahidi] @•._.• [ Hero ] •._.• how can we help?
Brad Anthony
Nov 06 2017 20:38
Hello fellow ushis; I've finally found my way back to the forum after a long absence. I have a custom deployment going up on our new cloud and we're particularly interested in ramping up security so if there are any security minded folks kicking around we'd be quite interested in chatting with you.