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Nov 2017
Nov 15 2017 08:02
is there a simple way to let my admins see how many reports haven been submitted from which account every day?
Nov 15 2017 09:20
[David Losada, Ushahidi] mm maybe you could put together a cron job that runs a sql query and sends the results by email? or put together a separate app that uses the v2 api to dig that information? as far as it goes to customising the v2 code, I’m personally not sure at all, sorry
Nov 15 2017 18:09

[Olalekan Aje] We are already a subscriber of Ushahidi,since 2014 under this platform, and we have used the platform to observe elections and track funds meant for education in some regions of my country, Nigeria.
Presently, we are trying to deploy the platform to observe a State Gubernatorial Election (Anambra State) scheduled for this Saturday, 17th November, 2017.
In trying to set up the platform, we have successfully downloaded the sms applicaton (smssync) into a dedicated android phone (HTC One), but the application has failed to sync with the server after several trials and efforts, with an error message from the smssync application that says "web service doesn't seem to have the right endpoint".

We will be most grateful if you can provide us with a solution in this regard

Nov 15 2017 18:38
[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] Hi Ola. Thanks for reaching out to us. Are you trying to use or another deployment?
Cam Macdonell
Nov 15 2017 20:09
Hi, is there an open-source Ushahidi mobile app available on any platform that works with V3?