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Feb 2018
sok sotheara
Feb 03 2018 01:18
Hello there
I would like to ask you something about how to install ushahidi v3 in windows. It is possible to install ushahidi in window? And how to do it?
Feb 03 2018 03:20
[Sotheara Sok] Hello I need you to help me with ushahidi v2
While I am installing ushahidi v2 I cant access to the login page
Biplov Bhandari
Feb 03 2018 03:53
Hi @sotheara_sok_twitter yes it's possible to install ushahidi v3 in Windows. Currently I am traveling and be back tomorrow! Can u wait until 2-3 days. I will write a blog and shall share with you. Thanks !
sok sotheara
Feb 03 2018 03:56
Hi @biplovbhandari yes thank you so much. Okay I am waiting. Thank for your sharing
knowledge and experience to me.