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Feb 2018
Feb 04 2018 12:44
hey guys
for the lasst 2 days there is a big error which occurs everytime ANYONE tries to log in
it doesnt even look if the account exists in the database, it simply shows that same page every time
when i try to enter my email to get a confirmation email the following happens:

system/vendor/swift/Swift/Plugin/MailSend.php [169]:

Sending failed using mail() as PHP's default mail() function returned boolean FALSE.

up until now everything worked fine with it and it NEVER send a confirmation email to anyone (i didnt want it to send it)
but somehow it acts weird all of a sudden
i cant even log in to change the settings since it wants to send me a new confirmation email, which isnt possible because of the error occurring

pls help me!

thanks in advance

Feb 04 2018 20:38
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] @sotheara_sok_twitter That error you're getting on v2 is probably because you're running a newer version of PHP than is compatible with v2. I think v2 only works up to PHP 5.6, or maybe only 5.5.
[Robbie Mackay, Ushahidi] @f1ko that sounds like your servers email settings have changed or stopped working. Maybe you should check with your host in case they've changed something in their setup?