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Mar 2018
Mar 04 2018 13:28
thank you so much!
i am going to look into it
there are some reasons why i am using 2.7.4 instead of 3
however, i dont think that outsiders (with outsiders i mean people who arent working for the same company as i do) will understand those
Mar 04 2018 22:01
//Filter for all Incidents which have all of the Categories with group by and having -> only select those incidents with where
                    " IN (SELECT incident_id FROM ".$table_prefix.
                        "incident_category WHERE category_id IN (".$category_ids.
                        ") GROUP BY incident_id HAVING count(incident_id) = ".$countCategory_ids.")",
                    'c.category_visible = 1'
may this be what i am searching for?
i just want the query to search for the filtered categories with an OR instead of an AND
however, this seems to be sorted with a group by