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Apr 2018
Apr 04 2018 10:40
[Dan Manolita] yes
[Dan Manolita] So I unzipped the ushahidi-platform-release-v3.8.0.tar, then pun the html folder content in my public_html directory
[Dan Manolita] created a .env file in the platform folder with the mysql credentials
[Dan Manolita] got back into the public_html folder and then ./bin/phinx migrate -c application/phinx.php
[Dan Manolita] from ssh
[Dan Manolita] I actually did that also from my platform folder
Apr 04 2018 11:00
[David Losada, Ushahidi] hi Dan , just checked that the file is in the tar , and it seems to execute fine . Do you run it from the “platform” folder?
[Dan Manolita] yeah.... with the ssh command ./bin/phinx migrate -c application/phinx.php
[Dan Manolita] maybe it's not that command and it's something else?
[David Losada, Ushahidi] what’s the output of the command pwd?
[Dan Manolita] -bash: ./bin/phinx: No such file or directory
[David Losada, Ushahidi] no, I mean, if you type “pwd”
[Dan Manolita] ooooh
[Dan Manolita] sorry, sorry
[Dan Manolita] /home/bdelivery/public_html/platform
[David Losada, Ushahidi] mm can I ask you to type a few more commands to see what we get?
[Dan Manolita] of course :)
[Dan Manolita] let's do this!
[David Losada, Ushahidi] stat ./bin/phinx
[Dan Manolita] stat: cannot stat './bin/phinx': No such file or directory
[David Losada, Ushahidi] mm , it doesn’t make sense, the file is placed in that location when uncompressed
[David Losada, Ushahidi] how did you unpack things and place them on your web root?
[Dan Manolita] with tar -xvzf
[Dan Manolita] but I admit I'm not a Linux aprentice
[Dan Manolita] I actually google things
Apr 04 2018 11:05
[Dan Manolita] on that point
[David Losada, Ushahidi] let’s see what else do you have in that folder , what’s the output of “ls” ?
[Dan Manolita] wait
[Dan Manolita] I'm actually reuploading the archive with file manager thourgh webmin
[Dan Manolita] am do the extraction again
[David Losada, Ushahidi] alright
Apr 04 2018 11:23
[Dan Manolita] ok
[Dan Manolita] so I did the extraction
[Dan Manolita] I did the ./bin/phinx migrate -c application/phinx.php
[Dan Manolita] command in the platform folder
[Dan Manolita] and now I get this
[Dan Manolita] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$value' (T_VARIABLE) in /home/bdelivery/public_html/platform/vendor/aws/aws-sdk-php/src/functions.php on line 36
[Dan Manolita] function filter($iterable, callable $pred)
foreach ($iterable as $value) {
if ($pred($value)) {
yield $value;
[Dan Manolita] this is the functions in the file
[David Losada, Ushahidi] what version of PHP do you have? (output of “php -v”)
[David Losada, Ushahidi] we have tested version 5.6
[Dan Manolita] oh MY GOD!!!
[Dan Manolita] yeah, it's 5.4
[Dan Manolita] although in my webmin it's 7
[Dan Manolita] so mad right now!
[Dan Manolita] wait
[David Losada, Ushahidi] mm your hoster may be providing several versions
Apr 04 2018 11:28
[David Losada, Ushahidi] in that case it would be a matter of selecting the one we support
[Dan Manolita] yeaaah... I did that and now I've restardet Apache
[Dan Manolita] *restardet
[Dan Manolita] *restarted haha
[Dan Manolita] yeah... still not working but it's because the version didn't change
Apr 04 2018 11:33
[Dan Manolita] thanks for your help, I'll try to sort this thing out
[Dan Manolita] have a wonderful day!!!
Apr 04 2018 11:53
[David Losada, Ushahidi] you are welcome, same to you! good luck!