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Apr 2018
Apr 20 2018 13:29
[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] @joseantoprado, *waves from Nairobi*... Yeah, that's on us, we haven't published the corresponding user docs, we're on it.. Do you mind sending me your CSV file to investigate? or a sample? angela AT ushahidi DOT com?
[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] jeanne_phd, welcome. What error message did you get?
Jose Antonio Prado
Apr 20 2018 14:38
@aoduor I found this: but it doesnt adress the problem. I did experiment with a new test deployment to check if the problem was with data captured before the system change, but I have the same issue. The resulting CSV has 7 columns (post ID, 3 dates, contact ID, contact, and sets) and that does not change no matter if I export the whole deployment or filtered data. I will send you the files right now. Thank you!