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May 2018
May 04 2018 07:47

[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] Hi @alisonc and @rohansonawane, please pardon our delayed response, the dev team's been deep in trying to fix a couple of high priority issues we recently discovered with some new features we rolled out.

Alison - so great, thanks for expressing interest. Here's how to get started:

To help direct you better, do you have specific preferences on what you'd like to help with?

Rohan, I'll tag @anna or @davidlosada to help out. They'll be in touch probably in a couple of hours to help.

May 04 2018 10:26
[David Losada, Ushahidi] @rohansonawane did you set the BACKEND_URL environment variable? It should point to the URL of a working platform API installation
May 04 2018 13:34
[chris] hey
[chris] I am trying to setup ushahidi on a subdomain from hostgator
[chris] I already have access to the shell
**\[chris\]** when i try running Warning: require\(/home4/meximed1/public\_html/\): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home4/meximed1/public\_html/ on line 27

Fatal error: require\(\): Failed opening required '/home4/meximed1/public\_html/' \(include\_path='.:/opt/php56/lib/php'\) in /home4/meximed1/public\_html/ on line 27
[]( \[~/public\_html/\]\#
[chris] when i try running the command ./bin/phinx migrate -c application/phinx.php

[chris] [5/4/2018 4:36:12 PM] chris: /bin/phinx migrate -c application/phinx.php

<<< anyone who knows what i am doing wrong???

May 04 2018 13:39
[Christopher Ndolo] Or can anyone direct me on how to install ushahidi through cpanel??