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May 2018
May 14 2018 10:16
[Michael] Hi, I just finished installing ushahidi api and platform-client. My api returns the JSON result when I append api/v3/config to the URL. However, when I enter the client URL:, I get three bouncing balls that never stop, and nothing ever happens. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The BACKEND_URL in my platform-client .env file is
May 14 2018 14:14
[Romina Suarez, Ushahidi] hi Michael. Can you check your network tab while loading the platform-client and let us know what the response and status is when the client requests api/v3/config?
May 14 2018 17:13
[Christopher Ndolo] hey can i install ushahidi on Linux CENTOS?
May 14 2018 17:20
[Brad Anthony] Christopher, yes it works. But it takes some additional tweaking. So I've been informed recently.
[Christopher Ndolo] I am hosting my app on a shared hostgator account which is running CENTOS. I am having difficulties running the migrations. Do you know how to? The current commands don't seem to work for me.
[Brad Anthony] We were never able to get it running on shared hosting due to some account restraints. Not on Host Gator, mind you. But the problems might be the same.
[Brad Anthony] In the end we had to have our own VPS and cloud for the necessary setup.
[Christopher Ndolo] which one do you recommend?
[Brad Anthony] We use Dreamhost specifically for their VPS and cloud services. By far the best company I've ever worked with.
May 14 2018 17:25
[Brad Anthony] If you want to check them out, let me know and I'll get you a referral discount.
[Christopher Ndolo] yes i am interested
[Brad Anthony] Cool. Here's a referral discount link for $25 off their hosting plans
[Brad Anthony] Their admin dashboard is a bit different and doesn't use Cpanel or any of that other junk software. It's really clean and takes a bit of getting use to. But once you're comfortable using it, everything is really fast and smooth.
May 14 2018 17:31
[Christopher Ndolo] Thanks a lot. so you recommend i get the vps hosting?
[Brad Anthony] The VPS has worked quite well for us. But recently we've bumped up to their DreamCompute cloud and have three instances of Ushahidi running there on CentOS. Our developers prefer the cloud over the VPS but why exactly is above my pay grade. :-)
[Christopher Ndolo] Thanks for the info Brad. I think for know I will start with the VPS and upgrade later on...
[Brad Anthony] All our regular sites run on the VPS and Ushihidi on cloud uses the open stack cloud admin panel which seems decent, in my limited experience.
[Brad Anthony] You're quite welcome. Good luck!
May 14 2018 17:38
[Christopher Ndolo] one more thing brad. will the ushahidi work on vps or cloud?? i am a little confused
[Brad Anthony] We know for sure it works on the cloud servers because our devs set them up according to their particulars
[Brad Anthony] As far as I know we also had it previously set up on the VPS but that was last year and I forget most of the details.
[Brad Anthony] I drink far too much coffee, sorry. :-)
[Brad Anthony] Our architect Aaron is sometimes kicking around in here, so he might be able to provide more specifics for the community.
[Christopher Ndolo] okay no problem. thanks for the info. i will weigh in my options :)
[Brad Anthony] Good luck, let us know how you fare.
[Christopher Ndolo] Okay will do