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Jun 2018
Jun 04 2018 11:06
[live:617c4b3f6fa8e760] Hello
[live:617c4b3f6fa8e760] I have installed ushahidi on wampserver
Jun 04 2018 11:19
[live:617c4b3f6fa8e760] Each time I want to login to the dashboard to configure it an error occur like this ( 404 Not Found. This requested URL /Ushahidi_Web-develop/login was not found on this server.
[live:617c4b3f6fa8e760] Please healp me Staicy
[Angela Oduor Lungati] Could you try putting Ushahidi_Web-develop/index.php/login
[live:617c4b3f6fa8e760] That is what I got after I put this (Ushahidi_Web-develop/index.php/login
[live:617c4b3f6fa8e760] But when I try to login the same error appears again
Jun 04 2018 11:49
[live:617c4b3f6fa8e760] Angela please help me
Jun 04 2018 13:22
[live:617c4b3f6fa8e760] Hello Angela
Cam Macdonell
Jun 04 2018 16:44
Hi @nhorning, perhaps @aoduor could connect and introduce you to Patti, who is coordinating the hackathon.
Thank you for those offering help to the Puerto Rico hackathon, this is great open-source spirit!
Jun 04 2018 16:48
[live:617c4b3f6fa8e760] Thanks Ush Bot
[live:617c4b3f6fa8e760] I really need help

[Angela Oduor Lungati] Hey Sacko: this looks like an issue with your .htaccess file and I can also see that you have not pulled in translations.

I’d also highly recommend moving to Ushahidi version 3 as that is what is the most current and maintained version.

[Angela Oduor Lungati] @cam, great idea I’ll connect Neil with Patti shortly.

Ps: thanks for bringing this to all our attention :).

Jun 04 2018 16:54
[live:617c4b3f6fa8e760] Thanks
[live:617c4b3f6fa8e760] Is it possible to install ushahidi v3 on wampserver or easyphp?