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Aug 2018
Aug 15 2018 20:19

hello, I was introduced by one of my lecturer about this and I'm interested to make it as my university project. I'm very new to this. I followed the instruction in but it doesn't seems to work, maybe I'm doing it wrongly. So I have several question about my problem. Also, I already met all the prerequisites.
First of all, what kind of OS that would be recommended to run the api-platform and the client? if possible, I would like to use window 10 for this.
Secondly, after cloning the git in the earliest instruction, where should I put the both the api and client folder?
Third, I don't know whether it is a complete instruction or not but everytime I run the composer install the always this error message about memcached not found and also some problem with the databases not found.
Next, is it possible if I don't want to use vagrant to run it? because vagrant makes my computer a bit slower and even if I fix the above problems, vagrant up and vagrant provision is the only thing I have no idea on how to fix. As I redo the installation for development several time, the vagrant will always give different error messages, sometime it said something about cannot log in, some time it said about timeout, and many other message. That's why I tried to run from Mr Vagrant.
Lastly, is it normal if I get a lot of warning message saying something about deprecated message and The lock file is not up to date with the latest changes in composer.json everytime I run the command "npm install -g gulp" and "npm install" and ignore it. I did try to fix it, but there always something I can't fix.

anyway, I watched some video about the installation but then I found out that it was for the old version and all the documentation that I found in different sites also for the old one.
I would like to thank you for making ushahidi as open source. If possible I love if someone can give me a video for the installation guide, I just can't figure out where did I go wrong.