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Aug 2018
Aug 16 2018 15:14
[Romina Suarez, Ushahidi] Hi @spfire. Thanks for getting in touch. As it happens, I am working on an updated installation guide for the upcoming lumen release (develop branch) at the moment. If you give me a day to work on some steps for non-vagrant setup, I can come back with an updated install guide
I’ll reach out to you in the next 24hs to coordinate this if that’s ok
Romina Suarez
Aug 16 2018 15:18
Also: we usually recommend to use linux for setting up Ushahidi v3, since it’s easier to get the packages installed … but I have a windows 10 machine available so I’ll try to get it working there and take notes for the install guide
Cam Macdonell
Aug 16 2018 19:34
@spfire which university are you at? I'm always interested to know of faculty/universities that are using Ushahidi