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Sep 2018
Sep 17 2018 12:43
[Tim McNamara] +1

[Ity] Hi,

I've created a crowdmap site "" (old version)
and there are some problems I'm not able to solve.

Don't want to bother you, but
Here the problems I have:

1) The first is the email, I'm using this mail ( to receive reports and messages, I tried but it doesn't work. Even if the system says "the message is sent"... nothing arrives (not in the gmail box, neither in the crowdmap one).
2) The second problem are the photos, it's like small pictures can be uploades but bigger ones (2 mb) not.

3) Last thing, on the footer there is a link page to "crowdmap tos", when I click it a 404 error appears...

Excuse me for this long message, I'm not an ITC expert.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Sep 17 2018 13:27
[Filipe Morais] hello!
[Filipe Morais] is there anyway to migrate the DBs than by the ssh comand?
Sep 17 2018 13:36
[Romina Suarez, Ushahidi] Hi Filipe. To migrate the DB you need to be able to run the ./phinx migrate command, so you need ssh access
[Filipe Morais] there's no other way and that is really required, right?
[Romina Suarez, Ushahidi] Yes, sadly that’s required.
[Filipe Morais] ok, thanks for your help :)
[Romina Suarez, Ushahidi] no problem. +1
[bylli] hi
[Romina Suarez, Ushahidi] @Ity crowdmap is not actively supported. We recommend you create a Ushahidi V3 deployment (either self-hosted or using our SaaS platform) instead, which is actively supported by Ushahidi.
Sep 17 2018 13:42
[bylli] Please j try to deploy ushahidi 3 on windows server but I'm having trouble to migrate the database. Please help me
Sep 17 2018 13:54
[David Losada, Ushahidi] what have you tried? what error are you getting @bylli ?
Sep 17 2018 14:00
[bylli] I am trying to deploy ushahidi on the Windows server. When I run this command ./bin/phinx migrate -c application / phinx.php to migrate the database on Windows, I receive a message indicating that ./ is not recognized by Windows.
Sep 17 2018 14:02
is there any instruction on how use the platform on mobile apps?
Sep 17 2018 14:05
[Njila Njongue Paul Junior] yes in the ushahidi manual
[Njila Njongue Paul Junior] hello i have the same problem as @bylli
[David Losada, Ushahidi] I’m not really sure how windows works.. but doesn’t it use “\” instead of “/” for separating the folders in a path?
Sep 17 2018 14:11
Can anyone give some hints on how a multi client setup can be selfhosted? From various bits and pieces in the documentation I gathered that one platform-API can be the end-point for multiple different platform-clients each with different settings in regards to map location, survey etc.
I guess that is how the free shared version on ushahidi works? Is the code for the portal that aggregates these instances also available somewhere?
I only want to have 2-3 thematic ushahidi deployments together in one place without too much taxing my server
Sep 17 2018 14:13
[bylli] thank you DAVID. i receive this message . \ bin \ phinx 'is not recognized as an internal command
or external, an executable program or a batch file.
[Romina Suarez, Ushahidi] @spfire you can point to your self-hosted deployment from the mobile app (it doesn’t have to be one of our sass / hosted deployments to work)
[Njila Njongue Paul Junior] @poVoq
You can create the subdomains and deploy ushahidi in each subdomain
[Romina Suarez, Ushahidi] @bylii you can execute it as php composer migrate too , instead of ./phinx migrate if you have php cli access
Sep 17 2018 14:19
[David Losada, Ushahidi] @poVoq , the code for the services that manages multiple deployments is not available publicly, it’s our sauce. It still publishes each deployment’s client and API through a separate URL (using wildcard DNS records). In any case, for 2-3 deployments it’s probably not worth it. It will be still lighter to run those separately.
[bylli] OK thank you verry much I will try. So, I have to install composer !!
Sep 17 2018 14:34
Ah ok, good to know. I guess I will stick to separate deployments then.
Sep 17 2018 22:08
Hi, I just finished installing ushahidi on ubuntu. However, when I go to the landing page, I cannot login for some reason, using admin as both username and password. Please tell me; is there something I'm doing wrong or is it a known issue? Thanks.