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Oct 2018
Oct 15 2018 07:54
[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] hey Seb1080 gitlab, what error are you receiving?
Kenny Meesters
Oct 15 2018 11:05

Hi everyone! Would somebody be able to do a quick check if my deployment is setup correctly? There is no immediate rush, but just experimenting with it for a field deployment in a week or 2.
The instance is running here (on the GCE)
With the platform located at (API), and the client at
Everything works from the frontend I've also tested the API with Postman (works). Do have some notes for better documentation though which I'll write down and get to you later.

My questions:
1) The mobile app doesn't seem to be able to connect to the deployment, the config.json seems to be okay ( as well as the CORS headers. Nevetheless the app gives a "Problem logging in, a unknown error has occured"
2) How can I set/get an access token that allows me to access unpublished posts? I've created access-tokens with a wide scope, but the replies remain 'User 0 is not allowed to read resource posts #2'

Oct 15 2018 12:10
@ushbot @rowasc @tuxpiper
Hello there!
we have seen that Ushahidi uses browserify.
How do we know if we have it installed, what version of it do we have, and if we have to upgrade it how to?
Romina Suarez
Oct 15 2018 12:29
@kmeesters Hi Kenny, I will review the deployment to see what's going on and get back to you in a few hours with a DM. Thanks.
Kenny Meesters
Oct 15 2018 12:33
@rowasc (Y)
Oct 15 2018 12:57
hi @rowasc I have the same issue as @kmeesters issue. Please check your mobile app in Appstore or GoogleStore. Seems that your mobile app has a problem with CORS plugin. not from platform or client, I think . Please see my issue raised here ushahidi/platform#3306
Romina Suarez
Oct 15 2018 18:25
thanks @simmytruong. The mobile issue you are experiencing is likely to be the same , yes.