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Feb 2019
Masinda Samuel
Feb 07 09:31 UTC
I need help on connecting FrontlineSMS with ushahidi platform. The guide I found is pretty out of date.. I got it easy to set up FrontlineSMS but Ushahidi is still giving me a headache.. I really need some urgent help..
Feb 07 09:39 UTC
[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] Hi, which version of Ushahidi are you using?
[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] The instructions we have on should be the most up to date.
[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] but this is compatible with Ushahidi version 3/4
Masinda Samuel
Feb 07 09:40 UTC
I am actually new to ushahidi.. I think you could advise which would be the best to do
Feb 07 14:44 UTC

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