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Feb 2019
Manuel Portela
Feb 19 08:30
Hello everyone, I'm becoming nuts with installing Ushahidi v4 platform at my server. I would appreaciate if you can give me some hands on this.
API is totally useless and I don't know why
Diego F. Pajarito Grajales
Feb 19 10:05
Well guys, I'm facing the same problem with v3.12.1. Mine is a dreamhost server and so far I'm getting this JSON Answer
status 404
title "Unable to find a route to match the URI: platform/httpdocs/index.php"
message "Unable to find a route to match the URI: platform/httpdocs/index.php"
class "Kohana_HTTP_Exception"
file "/home/.../platform/vendor/kohana/core/classes/Kohana/Request.php"
line 985
file "/home/.../platform/httpdocs/index.php"
line 38
function "execute"
class "Kohana_Request"
type "->"
args []
Feb 19 10:05
[Angela Oduor Lungati, Ushahidi] Hey Manuchia and Diego, so sorry to hear about that. Tagging @davidlosada to see this when he gets online in a few.
Manuel Portela
Feb 19 10:07
Many thanks @ushbot waiting for @davidlosada to help us, then
John Gwyer
Feb 19 18:04
I have recently been tasked with migrating a "crowdmap" deployment to a "ushahidi" deployment. I've been able to export the "data" from "crowdmap", but have not found a way to export the "data structures" that were defined. Are there any instructions available to do this task? I am quite new to this whole environment, and do not have access to the original developers or their notes. Regards, John Gwyer.