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Mar 2019
uwais zaki
Mar 17 09:14
I am Uwais Zaki, a sophomore at IIT Roorkee. I have experience in developing web applications using the python(+flask) frameworks, Django and javascript frameworks, React, Angularjs . I find your project interesting and would like to participate in GSOC with the project . How do I proceed further?
I would like to work
On the project "JS react migration"
Mar 17 11:36
Hi everyone! I am an outreachy applicant and would like to contribute to Ushahidi platform JS React migration. I am new to open source. can someone help me get started? Thanks!
Mar 17 18:00
Hello. I have setup my development environment and i am ready to begin contributions to the project"Ushahidi Platform Data Exchange" please can i have help on the repository to this project or issues where i can my begin contributions? Thanks