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Repo info
    Raghav Sharma
    @eyedol, can you take a look at #361?
    Aditya Manthramurthy

    Hi, I am using smssync 3.0.5 on my android phone. When I try to add a sync service, when i tap test integration, I get a message "Web service doesn't seem to have the right endpoint". I am not sure why. I have tested that the endpoint works properly with http POST using curl and I have made sure to enter the url correctly. I am using a server with https enabled hosted on AWS.

    Can anyone help me out with this?

    seeing the last message was a long while back, does anyone check messages here?
    I have my angular/nodejs app.I wanted to send free messages through thae SMSSync app,When any new user got rgistered...is it possible? If yes please tell me how to do it...I am new with nodejs.If possible please share code with me...Thanks in advance !!!!
    Stephanie Liu
    I am sorry to trouble you but I can not find where the file "ushahidi.sql" is
    "status": "Fatal Error",
    "title": "Class 'Database' not found",
    "message": "Class 'Database
    ' not found",
    "class": "ErrorException",
    "file": "/platform/vendor/ohanzee/database/src/Database.php",
    "line": 76,
    "trace": [
    "function": "shutdown_handler",
    "class": "Kohana_Core",
    "type": "::",
    "args": [
    this is the error
    I just want to fix it
    and don`t know how to do
    some one just told me to rewrite ushahidi.sql
    help meeeeeeeeeee
    the app could not start at all
    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method 'org.addhen.smssync.data.PrefsFactory org.addhen.smssync.presentation.di.component.AppComponent.prefsFactory()' on a null object reference
    Xheni Beqiri
    Hello everybody, can you send me any link of these lately ushahidi websites created nowdays? I need to see the layout of each one to customize mine. All these sites on google are created with Ushahidi version2. I need some new sites created with Ushahidi version3. Any help? :/
    Stephen John K.
    I am trying to compile smssync on Android Studio 2.0 but I am getting error, please help
    Error:(192, 0) Cause: repository not found: D:\MY FLASH\wordpress\29_03_2017\SMSSync-3.1.1\SMSSync-3.1.1
    Eimear Lynch
    Hi there, I am following all of the instructions with regard to using SMSSync to upload SMS messages to my Ushahidi deployment. However, they are not appearing on the page of my deployment. Any tips would be much appreciated. Eimear


    Using SmsSync already quite some time on a Samsung J3-2016 with, unfortunately, Android 5.1.1 as end version. The phone's only job is Sms gateway; it's unattended. I would like to compliment you with this app; it works very good!

    At around 13 September the gateway system halted. Not sure why, I don't think SmsSync is to blame. Al kinds of android/App updates needed to be installed to get the whole system up and running again.

    BUT, there is a significant difference now: Before , all sms were -also- stored in the sms-App. In the current situation, I only see them in the SmsSync App. The sms-App is empty!.
    I'm not sure, if and where they are stored now.
    So if SmsSync stops (and, sorry, this does happen sometimes) what then? Am I going to loose messages?

    Please, can you advise?

    Please am i supposed to fork the repo to contribute to documentation for Outreachy contributions or i should contribute correctly on the comment section with the documentation corrections made on github. Thanks