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Apr 2016
Saket Potluri
Apr 07 2016 00:39
Hi Chris. I recently got into this class. Will I be able to take the Quiz that was due this Monday?
Chris Swierczewski
Apr 07 2016 13:36
@saketpotluri Yes. I will arrange this later today.
Apr 07 2016 18:16
Hi Chris. For exercise 2 on the homework do we need our algorithm to return some output or statement if the minimum x* goes to infinity or -infinity? Also, if the user inputs a value for sigma where gradient descent doesn't converge (or takes way to long to converge), should we have our algorithm "restart" with some different values of sigma, or should the algorithm just assume the user knows an appropriate value of sigma to input?
Chris Swierczewski
Apr 07 2016 18:40
You will need to use the raise Python command to raise an error. The test suite code is checking to see if an error has been raised.
For example, if you had a Python code that had

raise ValueError(‘my message’)
it will raise a ValueError and print my message
See the python docs for more information on Exceptions and errors.