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Apr 2016
Apr 08 2016 18:42

I am attempting to start the homework, but with programming being a weakness of mine, I'm already a little confused.

Should I start writin the code in SageMathCloud and reference the code already given in homework 1 repo or do I need to "pull" from the repo and edit the files from there?

How exactly should I write the definitions in the exercise? I.e. should I write them using a Jupyter notebook or open a .py file in the terminal? I know this is probably a silly question, but I want to make sure that they'll be called correctly when I push to git.

Apr 08 2016 19:04
Also, I am unable to "push" to the origin remote?
Apr 08 2016 19:57
@WalesJ does this post by @cswiercz in this comment: uwhpsc-2016/syllabus#22 help? To reiterate, write or fill in your code in the files supplied in your repo clone on SMC, you can use any "editor" (e.g. Jupyter notebook). Once you save your file, you need to commit any changes before pushing it to your repo.