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Gerben Meijer
shouldnt be
but 9p is linux only
nfs works on osx too
ah ok, thanks for the info.
one last question, do Vagrant plugins have to be written in Ruby?
Gerben Meijer
pretty sure that's a yes
ok thanks.
Gerben Meijer
@pronix @electrofelix any objections to pushing a new release?
Dmitry Vasilets
i use edge, no opinion :)
Gerben Meijer
Dmitry Vasilets
git latest version
Hi all,
need some help on something ;)
I'm not able to not activate the private network from the Vagrantfile
here is my vagrantfile
# -*- mode: ruby -*-
# vi: set ft=ruby :

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
  config.vm.define :grafana do |grafana|
    grafana.vm.box = "generic/debian9"
    grafana.vm.hostname = "grafana"
    grafana.vm.network :public_network,
      :dev => "vmbr10",
      :mode => "bridge",
      :type => "bridge"
    grafana.ssh.insert_key = false

  config.vm.provider :libvirt do |libvirt|
    libvirt.management_network_name = "vmbr10"
    libvirt.driver = "kvm"
    libvirt.host = "*******"
    libvirt.connect_via_ssh = true
    libvirt.username = "*****"
    libvirt.storage_pool_name = "vms"
    libvirt.default_prefix = ''

  config.vm.provision "ansible" do |ansible|
    ansible.limit = "all"
    ansible.playbook = "tests/playbook.yml"
I only wanna keep vmbr10
And also i'ts a great plugin ;)
Gerben Meijer
@pronix @electrofelix either of you guys at FOSDEM this year?
Dmitry Vasilets
hi. i'm not. i am again repeating mistake - participate in startup.
Gerben Meijer
it's called taking chances :D
Darragh Bailey
@infernix I'm not, but I'm heading to cfgmgmtcamp for the Mon-Wed afterwards in Ghent just an hour from Brussels. Don't suppose you are heading there as well?
Gerben Meijer
@electrofelix i wasn't :)
on a more serious note
i just tested the fog-libvirt changes
on centos 6:
/root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/fog-libvirt-0.4.2/lib/fog/libvirt/models/compute/server.rb:329:in `local_ip_command': undefined local variable or method `ip_command' for #<Fog::Compute::Libvirt::Server:0x0000000002475048> (NameError)
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/fog-libvirt-0.4.2/lib/fog/libvirt/models/compute/server.rb:367:in `addresses_ip_command'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/fog-libvirt-0.4.2/lib/fog/libvirt/models/compute/server.rb:290:in `addresses'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/vagrant-libvirt-0.0.43/lib/vagrant-libvirt/action/wait_till_up.rb:43:in `block (3 levels) in call'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/fog-core-1.43.0/lib/fog/core/model.rb:72:in `instance_eval'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/fog-core-1.43.0/lib/fog/core/model.rb:72:in `block in wait_for'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/fog-core-1.43.0/lib/fog/core/wait_for.rb:7:in `block in wait_for'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/fog-core-1.43.0/lib/fog/core/wait_for.rb:6:in `loop'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/fog-core-1.43.0/lib/fog/core/wait_for.rb:6:in `wait_for'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/fog-core-1.43.0/lib/fog/core/model.rb:69:in `wait_for'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/vagrant-libvirt-0.0.43/lib/vagrant-libvirt/action/wait_till_up.rb:42:in `block (2 levels) in call'
    from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.0.3/gems/vagrant-2.0.3/lib/vagrant/util/retryable.rb:17:in `retryable'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/vagrant-libvirt-0.0.43/lib/vagrant-libvirt/action/wait_till_up.rb:37:in `block in call'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/vagrant-libvirt-0.0.43/lib/vagrant-libvirt/util/timer.rb:9:in `time'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/vagrant-libvirt-0.0.43/lib/vagrant-libvirt/action/wait_till_up.rb:34:in `call'
    from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.0.3/gems/vagrant-2.0.3/lib/vagrant/action/warden.rb:34:in `call'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/vagrant-libvirt-0.0.43/lib/vagrant-libvirt/action/start_domain.rb:302:in `call'
    from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.0.3/gems/vagrant-2.0.3/lib/vagrant/action/warden.rb:34:in `call'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/vagrant-libvirt-0.0.43/lib/vagrant-libvirt/action/set_boot_order.rb:78:in `call'
    from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.0.3/gems/vagrant-2.0.3/lib/vagrant/action/warden.rb:34:in `call'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/vagrant-libvirt-0.0.43/lib/vagrant-libvirt/action/create_network_interfaces.rb:182:in `call'
    from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.0.3/gems/vagrant-2.0.3/lib/vagrant/action/warden.rb:34:in `call'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/vagrant-libvirt-0.0.43/lib/vagrant-libvirt/action/create_networks.rb:84:in `call'
    from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.0.3/gems/vagrant-2.0.3/lib/vagrant/action/warden.rb:34:in `call'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/vagrant-libvirt-0.0.43/lib/vagrant-libvirt/action/share_folders.rb:20:in `call'
    from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.0.3/gems/vagrant-2.0.3/lib/vagrant/action/warden.rb:34:in `call'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/vagrant-libvirt-0.0.43/lib/vagrant-libvirt/action/prepare_nfs_settings.rb:18:in `call'
    from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.0.3/gems/vagrant-2.0.3/lib/vagrant/action/warden.rb:34:in `call'
    from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.0.3/gems/vagrant-2.0.3/lib/vagrant/action/builtin/synced_folders.rb:87:in `call'
    from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.0.3/gems/vagrant-2.0.3/lib/vagrant/action/warden.rb:34:in `call'
    from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.0.3/gems/vagrant-2.0.3/lib/vagrant/action/builtin/synced_folder_cleanup.rb:28:in `call'
    from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.0.3/gems/vagrant-2.0.3/lib/vagrant/action/warden.rb:34:in `call'
    from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.0.3/gems/vagrant-2.0.3/plugins/synced_folders/nfs/action_cleanup.rb:25:in `call'
    from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.0.3/gems/vagrant-2.0.3/lib/vagrant/action/warden.rb:34:in `call'
    from /root/.vagrant.d/gems/2.4.3/gems/vagrant-libvirt-0.0.43/lib/vagrant-libvirt/action/prepare_nfs_valid_ids.rb:12:in `call'
    from /opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.0.3/gems/vagrant-2.0.3/lib/vag
i think you have a typo there?
Ingmars Melkis
Hello. Is there a way to configure spice's opengl functionality (specify render device) using vagrant-libvirt?
Ingmars Melkis
An example of the configuration option can be seen in https://libvirt.org/formatdomain.html#elementsGraphics under the SPICE section (<gl enable="yes"(...))
Brad Searle
gday everyone. I am trying to set the cpu model of a host to core2duo but I can seem to get the right options.
       domain.cpu_mode = "custom"
      domain.cpu_model = "core2duo"
I am using these options, but it does not look like they make it to the xml file
not sure if I am going about it in the correct way
if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated

Hi All
I am starting docker container in privileged mode as below and running sudo service libvirt-bin start which shows succesfull but libvirt-sock and libvirt-pid is not created
Privileged mode :

chandru@chandru-OptiPlex-790:/var/run/libvirt$ sudo docker run --privileged -ti cucumber bash

'[' -v INTERFACES ']'
'[' -v JOB_NAME ']'
root@9adcf711c019:/# kvm
Could not initialize SDL(No available video device) - exiting
root@9adcf711c019:/# kvm-ok
INFO: /dev/kvm exists
KVM acceleration can be used
root@9adcf711c019:/# ls -l /dev/kvm
crw-rw---- 1 root 132 10, 232 Nov 21 15:00 /dev/kvm
root@9adcf711c019:/# sudo service libvirt-bin start

Starting libvirt management daemon libvirtd /var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock ready.
[ OK ]
root@9adcf711c019:/# cd /var/run/libvirt/
root@9adcf711c019:/var/run/libvirt# ls
network qemu uml-guest
root@9adcf711c019:/var/run/libvirt# ls -lrt
total 12
drwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4096 Nov 12 18:12 uml-guest
drwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4096 Nov 12 18:12 qemu
drwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4096 Nov 15 10:19 network
root@9adcf711c019:/var/run/libvirt# sudo virsh list
error: failed to connect to the hypervisor
error: no valid connection
error: Failed to connect socket to '/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock': No such file or directory

Please help me to fix this issue

Darragh Bailey
@chandru1989_gitlab possibly you should just use a volume mount from the host to expose the libvirt-sock into the container instead of trying to run libvirtd inside of a container as I'm guessing that it probably does not have the same user/group as the libvirtd running on the host that you are trying to use and thus is unlikely to be granted access
Dan Čermák
Hi folks, I've got a problem with vagrant-libvirt on aarch64: my vagrant boxes get generated with NVRAM, which causes issues when these should get deleted, as vagrant libvirt doesn't pass the correct flags to libvirt
I get such a backtrace on vagrant destroy -f: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/sedOD1byIF-vHFsMG7lXSA
This can be solved on the CLI via virsh undefine $vagrant_libvirt_boxname --nvram --remove-all-storage
the trick is the missing --nvram flag
does anyone know where this has to be added in the code?
Gerben Meijer
@electrofelix ping
Hi Folks, I am trying to install vagrant-libvirt plugin without having internet access. I tried the steps mentioned in https://alwaystinkering.wordpress.com/2016/07/08/manually-installing-plugins-in-vagrant . This needs ruby version >=2.3.0 for package nokogiri-1.10.5.gem to be installed. Is there any way I can install vagrant-libvirt offline with out having requirement for ruby version to be 2.3.0 ? I see that vagrant-libvirt is having dependency of nokogiri >=1.6.0, hence if you could help me on how we can replace nokogiri-1.6.0 instead of nokogiri-1.10.5 in the above mentioned method will be great!
/@infernix I'm too is having the same gme issue
you folks found out the problem yet?
Roberto Ciatti
Hi guys I'm trying to package a running centos 8.1 as box, but after package box when I try to us it in a vagrant file the vagrant up hangs on waiting for ssh
default: Waiting for SSH to become available...
Does anybody has some hints?