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Michael[tm] Smith
happy 58th!
Peter Rushforth
Michael[tm] Smith
enjoy the day off
Peter Rushforth
Whoa, I set htmlParser.setMappingLangToXmlLang() from true to false and now it's validating correctly. I see in the HtmlAttributes class hixie has a note "Be careful with this class. QName is the name in from HTML tokenization." Which makes me feel like Young James Heriot (dinna mess wit sumat ye ken nawt aboot).
Michael[tm] Smith
@prushforth heh. I wish I could claim I understand all that handling myself, but actually every time I need to mess around with it, I basically have to re-learn it all again — because I forgot whatever I had known about it from the previous time I touched it. And then after re-learning it I just forget it all again until the next time
Peter Rushforth
Peter Rushforth
@sideshowbarker Hi Mike Happy New Year! What is the division of labour between a checker and Assertions.java? Is there a category of task which deserves its own checker? Thanks.
Michael[tm] Smith
Happy New Year @prushforth. I’ve not really followed any strict division, but the language-detector code is an example of something added more recently that seemed big enough on its own to merit a separate checker.
Going a little further back in time, another example is the Microdata checker
on the other hand, the RDFaLite checker is one that I made into a separate checker but that in hindsight I could have just as well incorporated into the Assertions.java code, I guess
…because it’s much simpler than the Microdata checker, and doing much fewer checks
the XmlPiChecker is another that was a big-enough and complicated-enough chunk of code on its own to merit a separate checker
Peter Rushforth
OK great, I will keep that info in mind. Good evening!
hey all, is this room for a specific type of validator? I'm using express-validator.js and had a question about validating a string that is alphanumeric with spaces (street address).
Michael[tm] Smith
@jaimeiniesta I finally set up some automation that makes a new jar available for every commit to master
Mavaddat Javid
hi all I would like to build a child-friendly version of nu validator that uses more plain English and visuals to explain syntax mistakes to children learning to code
Patrycja Kazala
Hi, is it possible to use nu validator in Java, from the code level? I found this: https://vzurczak.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/validating-a-html-page-with-java/ , which has a workaround, but I was hoping there is a more straightforward and more legitimate way.... Cheers
Michael[tm] Smith
@QMG-kazala https://gist.github.com/vincent-zurczak/23e0f626eaafab96cb32 is the straightforward way to do it, actually — not just a workaround
Patrycja Kazala
thx @sideshowbarker ! I've seen the corresponding blog post (https://vzurczak.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/validating-a-html-page-with-java/) but was hoping there might be a tidier way. I'll give it a try anyway as I'm testing different approaches to html5 validation at the mo :) thx again
Michael[tm] Smith
@QMG-kazala yeah, I guess the https://github.com/validator/validator/blob/master/src/nu/validator/client/EmbeddedValidator.java code in the repo might be a better starting point than the lower-level way the person used by the person who wrote that blog post
I’ve never actually used that EmbeddedValidator.java code myself (a contributor added it), so I’m not completely certain it works as expected. But at least I can say from looking at the code, it looks like it should work
anyway, if you run into any specific problems, feel free to ping me here again
Michael[tm] Smith
PSA: yesterday I made an change to the Dockerfile for the checker which reduces the image size from 130MB down to “just” 60MB
I smoke-tested the resulting image to make sure the change didn’t regress anything, but I otherwise did no testing beyond that — because I personally don’t actually use the Docker image for anything
so any of y’all who actually do use the Docker image, please try running the latest from Docker Hub and if you notice any problems, either lemme know here or else file an issue
I have a problem validating an html file with hieroglyphs (there are many such errors, here is one of them - "Malformed byte sequence: “ba”")
The file was saved with gb2312 encoding and has the tag <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=gb2312">
Hieroglyph is encoded by several bytes, but error talk about only one byte. I think it's strange.
What could be the problem?
Michael[tm] Smith
Hi @payaln
Can you point me at the URL for a document that causes the validator to emit that error message?
My initial guess is, the document is being served with a Content-Type header that has a charset parameter which is something other than gb2312
Hi, @sideshowbarker
Michael[tm] Smith
@payaln The checker doesn’t report any “Malformed byte sequence” errors when I check that 1.htm file
As I said earlier, I think the reason you would get that error is if the document is being served with a Content-Type header that has a charset parameter which is something other than gb2312 (or gbk)
@sideshowbarker , you can show me true file with hieroglyphs and gb2312 encoding?
Jan Rummens
So if you want to participate in testing eth2 medalla, you need to have a validator node?
new speaking :-)
newbie that is
your client to use is prysm?
you need to deposit 32ETH and convert it to GoETH
My question what cloud infrastructure is best to use? Any ideas on ANKR?
I hope your not all asleep ...
python ./checker.py run # to run only
Mingye Wang
May I ask what happened to validator.nu to warrant its removal from the README at validator/validator@d8022b6 ? From its wider range of options (specifically ability to force validate as XHTML), I always assumed it's the more "direct" / "official" version of the validator...
Michael[tm] Smith
@Artoria2e5 it’s unclear whether validator.nu is being kept actively up to to date with changes to the sources
Henrique do Nacimento Adriano

Hello, good morning guys.
First of all, thank you for the great tool you guys provided for us to use.
So, I have a small question to ask:
I am trying to validate a small peace of html. Loading the file works just fine, but if I try to send the small chunk of the html, I get this error:

echo "<body style=' '><span style=';Arial",sans-serif; COLOR: black;;Times New Roman"'><p><font style=';Times New Roman"' color='black'><font>If required by the type</font></font></p></span></body>" | vnu-runtime-image\bin\vnu.bat -
:1.1-1.1: error: Non-space characters found without seeing a doctype first. Expected ÔÇ£<!DOCTYPE html>ÔÇØ.
:1.1-1.1: error: Element ÔÇ£headÔÇØ is missing a required instance of child element ÔÇ£titleÔÇØ.
:1.2-1.16: error: Start tag ÔÇ£bodyÔÇØ seen but an element of the same type was already open.
:1.2-1.16: error fatal: Cannot recover after last error. Any further errors will be ignored.
:1.1-1.1: info warning: Consider adding a ÔÇ£langÔÇØ attribute to the ÔÇ£htmlÔÇØ start tag to declare the language of this document.

In the back-end I am using C# to call the lib.

Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you very much!

@henriqueadriano: Sorry for not noticing your message here until now — but basically the cause of what you describe is that the checker isn’t intended for checking fragments; instead you need to give it a complete document to check