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  • Nov 18 2016 22:23
    @vDice_io_twitter banned @iwill_ohokfine_twitter
  • Nov 17 2016 00:18
    @vDice_io_twitter banned @NJRegProblems_twitter
why now only 5% ?
@Rutchanon2_twitter We are doing some site maintenance
please bear with us
Thanks for your patience
wow 50% and no max bet . it awesome
there is a max. bet
it is just not showing in the UI because there is ongoing maintenance
All games must have a max. bet, out of necessity @Rutchanon2_twitter
it is 0.23
at the moment
There is a lot of maintenance, upgrades and design changes over this month
We are changing a lot of the design, devs are working on a new game that is being integrated, new site layout etc
is set for June
so there will be a lot of maintenance work and issues, to be frank
this month
hi i think contact 0xdd98b423dc61A756e1070De151b1485425505954
is error i try to play 3 time it fail all
@Rutchanon2_twitter I see some failed bets to that contract from this address:
Is that your playing address?
If so, your minimum bet is too low there in those bets
that's why it is failing
Bets are processing just fine otherwise and the contract is working
oh i see this time i bet 0.23 it fine . int mean minimal still 0.22 right ?
yes, we are still doing work on the UI so min/max. bet may not show while work is ongoing
but min. of 0.23 is always fine
ju ja
there is your play for free
@juja71365224_twitter What?
For all those asking, vPax is still being tested. Current scheduled release date is end of July.
@tarust777_twitter command do something !!!
Douwe Bart Mulder
@Dafmulder_twitter -> resources not found...
@Dafmulder_twitter That game moved to some time ago
you can navigate to it from the main page:
There are UI updates ongoing. Bets are processing fine on smart contract side for all games. But there will be delays in the UI updating while UI and node work is in progress.
Dylan Leroux
Hello people. I'm new here. I wonder the meaning of the column "Max bet". I'm french, my english is not perfect. So, "max bet" is the maximum we can bet ?
@Rictus Yes, that is correct
Henk Holveck
Hello I put 0.0006 on two spins on the slot machine and confirmation went through, however it didn't spin nor are my bets showing in the last bets section
@HenkHolveck_twitter is a UI/UX interpretation for a slot game that was deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. The UI and the game itself are completely separate. The UI depends on your browser and its configurations. It is a visual representation of the bet processing. Whereas all the actual bet processing is happening on the blockchain, by a smart contract.
So, if your visuals didn’t work properly in your browser, it will have to do with your browser and/or metamask setup. This has nothing to do with the bet itself. The bet still processed just fine. To check the processing of the bet itself you have to check your wallet address, the blockchain etc.
You can open a ticket and someone will help you in more detail. Just click the ‘support’ tab on the right hand side.
Роман Романов
hello all
@romanovroman67_twitter Hi
Hey- where are my spins??
contract confirmed
@minoms777_max_twitter Suggest to open a ticket with support desk if you are having issue with spins. They will assist with any issues you have.
Just to go and click the support tab on the right side to open a ticket
They should get back to you about your issue within 24hrs