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Sidney de Moraes
maybe we could have an endpoint in vuepress plugin which would receive update notifications from Git central repos and run an automatic pull
what do you think?
*correction: have you ever saw that URL?
that way we could push changes to github, gitlab, whatever and setup a webhook to notify our production, staging, whatever environment of changes.
Borek Bernard
@sidneydemoraes_twitter that's definitely possible, and how some people use VersionPress to deploy their sites
Sidney de Moraes
@kbdavis07 How do people usually do that
How do you usually deploy changes to production with VersionPress?
Hello again everybody!
I'd like to install Caldera Forms plugin on my Wordpress website. Here above an example of how form data are stored in database.
They are stored in a table called wp_cf_forms and called by shortcodes inside post content.
Could you please help me understand how to compile schema.yml and shortcodes.yml files??
Thank you so much in advance.
Anyone here? :(
Simon Bourdon
Do we have active people here?
 Ziad Tamim

Hi Guys, Issue: VersionPress needs write access in the site root, its nested directories and the system temp directory. Please update the permissions.
I've encountered the issue while activating the plugin. I'm trying to not give 777 permission.

Could you please help fix this issue?

Sidney de Moraes
I don't think that's a bug. You probably have a file there owned by root.
Versionpress uses WordPress to access files. You don't have to give 777 permission.
Benjamin Reif-Caplan
Does anyone here know how to specify a regular expression pattern in a VP yaml config. For example: "/flexible_layout_\d+_image_\d+/": post?
I did see in the docs that you can do this for a value that holds an array, so flexible_layout[/\d+/]. Also I dont want to just use a wild card as that is too general. Thoughts?
Benjamin Reif-Caplan
@borekb any suggestions? Or can you point me to the best person to field this question?
Hello, I tried to install the plugin on one of my websites and I can t make it working I m stuck with the screen trying to fetch something just after I clicked on the activation button, any idea how I could get some help or what should I look after to see where are my issues ?
Rosie Faulkner
Hey guys- attempting to install VersionPress on a fresh WP install
I'm getting this: Git 1.9+ installed
Git version detected with which there are known issues. Please install at least version 1.9 (this can be done side-by-side and VersionPress can be configured to use that specific Git version). Learn more.
I don't have a wp cli
not sure what my solution is because It's a fresh install- should I put a git init file in the root directory?
Hi everyone!
Is there a way to make the "Co-Authors Plus" plugin compatible with Versionpress?
When i try to save a post, i get
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function isIgnoredEntity() on null in wp-content\plugins\versionpress\src\Storages\Storage.php:87
Daniele Lolli
Hi all. Where do wersionpresso store the data (in which git I mean)
Blair Sutherland
Happy Wednesday everyone! What's the latest with Versionpress & Woocommerce? I found a github repo(https://github.com/pavelevap/versionpress-for-woocommerce) from 2017 that hasn't seen much activity. Are there more recent methods?
Good day I need assistance. VersionPress has taken up 800 MB of space on my webserver. I have made tons of changes. Over 29 pages of changes. Is there anyway to reduce the size of the VersionPress directory?