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Repo info
Ruslan Galimov
Hi all, is there any chance to accept merge request for this repo and publish to maven central with new version?
There is an issue with contact object when we use share phone action. The name of contact is not provided by incoming message so it fails with constructor validation. I've fixed it but it would be great to update repo with the fix.
^ @ItamarM can you answer on above pls?
Artem Kosenko
@galimru forget about that. They don't support it any longer.
Use REST API instead.
Ruslan Galimov
@artemkosenko I think you are right. So I have started own viber bot library here https://github.com/galimru/viber-bot
it working fine for me but let me know if you experience any issues with that
It's pretty simple, under hood it has Grizzly webserver for webhook requests and jackson to transform json to objects
Dima Zelinskyi

hi guys!

Did you find the answer for this question https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54828400/viber-api-get-all-subscribers?


Ruslan Galimov
@dimazelinskyi Actually, the best way is to handle subscribe events and store it in own database
Haroon khan
@nikolavuk hey did you find any help on your question ? would be appreciated if shared.
@galimru Do you know, how to delete or update a Viber message, using REST-API or Viber-bot?
Ruslan Galimov
@Slavisa1 looks like the official Viber api doesn't allow edit messages
@galimru delete message, too!
Dima Zelinskyi
@galimru Thanks!
Hi everyone! I've got the following exception when tried to setup webhook: {
"status": 1,
"status_message": "Result[HttpRequest[POST /api/v1 HTTP/1.1]@50796524 > HttpResponse[null 0 null]@58584d35] javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: General SSLEngine problem",
"chathostname": "SN-CHAT-05"
SSL certificated is provided by SSL.com
Andro Djaginovi
Hi folks, I'm having trouble receiving attachment messages. From what I understand, the file should come as a url in the "media" field of the "message" object, but as of lately that field doesn't come at all
But figured I might have more luck here :)
I should probably mention I don't use the actual library and process the events myself
I'm also having problems with keyboards, namely the "share-phone" action type. It seems to work well on phone, but when a user pushes the button on PC I receive the button's text instead of a "contact" object
Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question :)
Hello, please help to create viber-bot.
returned 502 bad gateway
How to read incoming messages in viber bot java?
@galimru how to reveive message events from viber
@galimru sir please can you help me?
I cant seem to deliver messages i can only receive them please helop me
Hi all. I use a viber bot via gupshup for a couple of months now. Today i noticed that the bot cant sent me messages . It responces on files and images allthough. I delete bot on gupshup and created new viber bot but nothing.
Hi ad
My bot messages are limited I can extend message limit by paying fee or ....
If I have to pay the fee, what will the price be?
does viber chatbot take any charges??
Vladislav Metelyagin
Hello guys!

@ItamarM i'd like to discuss future of java-sdk. I see you're one of maintainers of java-sdk. Could you, please, spare some time?

We're developing a Kotlin chatbot framework at we'd like to integrate it with Viber. It went up pretty smoothly until we've faced a number of isses.

Is there any way we can make java-sdk not deprecated and publish a release with our fixes? I think it would help us and other developers.

please tell me, where to find information about the CDN subnet (IPs) from which Viber sends push events to the bot's webhook through https.
We need this for security reason - to open access to our reverse proxy from from external CDN network

please tell me, where to find information about the CDN subnet (IPs) from which Viber sends push events to the bot's webhook through https.
We need this for security reason - to open access to our reverse proxy from from external CDN network

I asked viber support team and received ""

Khanh Lê
Hello everyone, I am getting an error said "Bad receiver ID" when sending a messenger to user
Please help!
Rohit Gupta

Agent to Customer Image sending (Image is not visible in 'Viber mobile App'): -
-> When we sending an image from Agent to customer, we are getting a successful response in Viber API, In 'Viber system APP' image is visible, but in 'Viber-Mobile-App' images is not visible.

-> Image : -

-> Req: -
INFO 2021-09-08 12:42:04,564 T_pworker-50-nO7aPwzKJi-Q-29MCRd1REDd viber.ViberApi: Viber send Message Data: {"receiver":"bj5wqOEJmXdOkNVsXqozUg\u003d\u003d","min_api_version":1,"type":"picture","text":"","media":"https://suitex.simplify360.com/mediaUrl?mediaCode\u003dUGlBMVE5MldsRDBBUE4zWmsySk41c1Z6cWRYVU9ndEtBVHVrU0hBQlRobnBibXJVbUkvZXU2MFNzbG1QL3V5SHNNdjBpWHNVVCtVPQ","size":0}

-> Response : -

INFO 2021-09-08 12:42:04,582 T_pworker-50-nO7aPwzKJi-Q-29MCRd1REDd viber.ViberApi: Result OUTPUT: {"status":0,"status_message":"ok","message_token":5616370810892995621,"chathostname":"SN-CHAT-04"}

  • Can we please raise this issue with the Viber team. Attached screenshot also for your reference.
Through Viber, get a person's phone number and open any URL. For now, that's all.
Has anyone made such a bot?
кто-то с таким сталкивался?
Proem Meas
Viber API not update since 2018
Hello everyone, I am getting an error when sending a messenger to user.
Please help!
I sent an image to viber user via Viber Rest API using my iphone, but viber user cannot see this image(By the way, viber user can see this image on andriod phone or window desktop).