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Repo info
@preslavsh I use api version 4, but "inputFieldState":"hidden" not working.

Hello everybody. I have a small problem sending messages with the keyboard.
Bug reproduction:

  1. The user starts a dialogue with the bot
  2. The user disconnects the network on the phone
  3. The bot sends a message with the keyboard
  4. The bot sends a message without a keyboard
  5. The user turns on the network and opens a dialog

User will see 2 messages, keyboard will not show
User receives 2 messages + keyboard from the first message

Reproduced only on Anroid, with the network turned off. If not disabled, the keyboard is not shown
On IOS is not reproduced at all

Hi, is there a library to build rich media content, complete with input text, buttons, calendar, etc?
Hi I am trying to integrate with my chat application
but I have no Idea where to start
in VIber
Michael Pritchin
Maybe somebody know is it possible to send file to bot? Now I don't see the attachment button in bot chat.
John Cyrill Corsanes
Hello. Is Viber can do WebView like open link without opening externally?
Привет. Кто знает, может бот удалять участников сообщества/канала?
Или есть ли вообще такая функция по REST API?
Danil Yahoda
Hello everyone, I've got some issue while running bot with webook, I have an array of keys, I'm looping through each key and I have single instance of it, but I only have one webhook url
const URL = https://website.com;
.then((val) => console.log(val, 'viber connected it"s ok'))
.catch((err) => console.log(err));
I get "viber connected it's ok" but bot won't react to any of event command, like: BotEvents.MESSAGE_RECEIVED, BotEvents.CONVERSATION_STARTED
If I put port to URL https://website.com:2001, https://website.com:2002, it wound throw me an error with status 1 that means invalid setWebhook
But on local host If I hardcode key and use ngrok it's okay,
Telegrams bots are running on ports https://website.com:2012,https://website.com:2013 and it's they're satisfied with that url but viber not
What could go wrong?
And I'm using express
Hey everyone,
I'm creating my first Bot, and I'm trying to add the "open app/play store" option on a click of a keyboard button. Any ideas how to do this considering if the user has iPhone/Android when clicking the button? Thanks in advance.
I need to ask a question regarding on the broadcast limit on viber
how many is the limit ?
i know its 400 or 500 something but what I mean is the request for a day
Oleg Maksymuk
Hi guys,
is it allowed to use Viber Bot as passwordless sing in provider by Viber T&C ?
Hi Guys,
Anyway to read Uploaded files (eg Excel)
Sunimali Rathnayake
Hi, um trying to send a welcome message for Viber bot using java. couldn't find any helpfull tutorial with this
pls any examble for csharp #c or vb.net
hi to all! a use nodejs and express.why the bot crashes after 2-3 reciving messages with an error - UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: socket hang up?

Good Day I have a noob question. I'm using nestjs and viber restAPI
I want to validate the request where it came from so I did this.

createHmac("sha256", this.VIBER_TOKEN)
      .update(Buffer.from(JSON.stringify(req.body), 'utf-8').toString())

Then when the result is not equal to the x-viber-content-signature, any idea on this?


btw i also tried the data example from viber api https://developers.viber.com/docs/api/rest-bot-api/

const crypto = require('crypto');

const token = '4453b6ac12345678-e02c5f12174805f9-daec9cbb5448c51f';

const json = {  

 const hash = crypto.createHmac("SHA256", token)

// e8ef38af7664e30ea1ea1d883b6122d6a104bb7c53fefdf9dff74c3d7eb4a33d

But in the api it suppose to be this


hello! anyone?
@zenfooler to get the same result you need to use request body as string not to stringify json to string
@zenfooler // code is working
const hash = crypto.createHmac("SHA256", token).update(bodyString).digest("hex");
// or with other library
const rHmacSHA256Hex = CryptoJS.HmacSHA256(bodyString, token).toString(CryptoJS.enc.Hex);
@zenfooler can test with postman
thank you so much for the idea :)
@njevdjo Thanks so much sir
George Gotsidis
Hello there! Can viber out calls, been held from a viber bot? Bot calls a registered user and plays an informative recorded message. Is this possible?
Roman Hrytsaienko
Hi! Has anyone had experience with running viber bot on firebase? Need some help. I just get error with status 1 (invalid webhook url) all the time
Roman Hrytsaienko
Ok I have new question now. I receive http request with event: message in body, but bot is not reacting on this event
How to solve this problem?
Arun Kumar Maurya
Hi where can i get help on the sharing URIs that are available over here: https://developers.viber.com/docs/tools/deep-links/#link-direct-to-1on1-chat.
I need to start one to chat with custom message preloaded. just like the WhatsApp feature.
1 reply
Yuri Ostapchuk
Hi, Everybody
Is there any way I can scrape messages from Viber group?
I've been looking for such api and have found people complaining that bot cannot be added to the public group,
I wonder if there were any changes on this front or any other way I can do this?
I have a doubt regarding keyboard messages in the viber bot while giving inputs sometimes the keyboard loads and sometimes it doesn’t load sequentially.
Screenshot 2022-04-19 at 5.08.30 PM.png
Mickey Biana
Hi Is there anyone to help me to unblock my account? I tried submitting a request to unblock but apparently they cant do it. I need my account back since I use it for work and personal. Or please send me the right group to ask
Hi. All
How can I integrate my chatbot with existing community?
something like that
Preslav Semov Hadzhitsanev
@NanOoDeveloper no
Fedor Lyust
Hi there, can anyone help me? I have issue with webhook ulr error, I'm trying to make Viber bot integrated in Freshdesk, when I send request from Postman with all the same credits it works fine, but when I uploaded app to freshdesk it return status 1, what could be the problem?
Vito Macchia
Hi there, is anybody encountering issues when sending a picture or video from a bot to and Android client? We have this weird problem where the very same image link is not working (i.e. not downloaded) in the official Viber Android 12 app, but the same conversation is displayed correctly (i.e. with all the media) from within the Windows 10/11 client. Files, such as documents, are working... 🤔
If anyone knows an official Viber issue tracker, plz let me know 🙏🏿
we sent a mail to dev support but I don't think it will get answered. Also, we had no older Android devices nor iOS devices to try to reproduce the issue with