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Repo info
    Sudhanshu Sekhar Lenka
    How can i integrate custom advertisement using cue points ?
    videogular having problem with playing iPhone also.
    Aniruddha Mahamuni
    Ovesh Parasara
    hi how to set max buffer size in videogular2 angular 6?
    Ovesh Parasara
    @Elecash hi how to set max buffer size in videogular2 angular 6? please help me
    Hi guys, I am new to videongular2, I've been searching the web and I haven't found an answer yet. Does videongular2 supports plug-ins? I'd like to create or look for one that I need my work.
    vivek kumar
    Hi Everyone
    is mts video type working with videogular?
    Raúl Jiménez
    @hmadrigal yes, you can create your custom plugins, you can take a look to any plugin like the play button https://github.com/videogular/videogular2/blob/master/src/controls/vg-play-pause/vg-play-pause.ts
    @vivekpce865 only video types supported in browsers are accepted, so no, mts is not accepted
    Has anyone managed to switch sources with the youtube plugin? I've noticed I can switch to a youtube embeded video, but am unable to switch back, because vg-youtube seems to re-map a bunch of methods/getters setters to the youtube embed player
    Hello. Is it possible to play HLS video offline with videogular in Ionic 3?
    Hey everyone. Trying to install videogular:
    Cannot find module 'videogular2/controls'
    any idea?
    ah fixed it. the docs are wrong import 'videogular2/core' should be 'videogular2/compiled/core'. at least this is how it will work for me.

    I have some trouble applying CSS to cuepoint and to remove the outline from scrubbar.

    From dev tools I have picked the css and tried to apply with :

    vg-scrub-bar-cue-points .cue-point-container .cue-point {
    position: absolute;
    height: 5px;
    background-color: rgba(0, 204, 0, 0.7);

    But it doesn't get applied.

    Same for outline. I have tried to remove it, but doesn't seem to be applied with outline: none


    I also have a problem, that I cant play mp4 files. It will play webm.

    Video I try to play as source is http://static.videogular.com/assets/videos/videogular.mp4

    Hello all,
    I use videogular2 for video streaming but I am facing the issue while video playing, It stuck and stop buffer after playing 10 or 15 minute.
    Could anyone help on this?
    Cauê Felchar
    hello everyone
    i'm trying to play some encrypted HLS content with videogular2
    i've encrypted the file with ffmpeg
    but it gives me an error when loading the file
    Cauê Felchar
    it doesn't even get the m3u8 file from the location
    even when unencrypted
    videogular/videogular2#892 plz help out from this issue
    Does videogular supports angular 9?
    Hi guys , good morning , I m new to videogular but need to use it for live streaming . I m very proficient in angular. A guide is well appreciated to do a simple live streaming from my webcam . thanks
    Forrest Moulton
    Hello I am getting a CORS issue on windows browsers because of a proxy to rtsp any suggestions
    Hi guys, I got the following error. can you please anyone advise why this error in my project. I am using videogular v1.4.4. The play() request was interrupted by a call to pause().