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Repo info
    Arnaud Bos
    Hi all, I have a question about klipse, particularly about using data-external-libs for a specific Clojure dependency. Is this the right place to ask or should I go to the Clojure(Script ?) google group? Thanks.
    Hello here, I am Hyesoo. I am would like to apply for GSOC for the 'KLIPSE' project and currently in stage where I read source code and docs. I will soon make a little PR that fix typos and update docs a little bit. Please review and let me know if there are conventions that I must follow.
    hey everyone. having a bit of trouble adding a dependency from clojars to the cache. my ultimate goal is to have some ns's available to me, so that all I need to put in a preamble is a few requires. ive gotten to the point where i open lumo with and verified the classpath is correct, but it's not finding my namespace. appreciate any help at all!