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Johannes Maron
@kmmbvnr I don’t really get where this is comming from. We are a paying customer, yet we won’t have access to those pro features, I we don’t want to rely on your releases.
I just told you that in my mail if I remember correctly. Sure I you have many customers to please, but it’s still going to complecate things for us and for you as well maintaining both versions.
The AGPL doesn’t allow anyone to use it commercially anyways, so that shouldn’t be an issues. Besides that I might want to read this https://spacy.io/blog/spacy-now-mit
BTW, I have a couple of friends working at signavio a BPMN modeling company in berlin that works mostly with Banks. They only really support SAP, but I told that that we use viewflow. It would be cool to have an integration viewflow as well.
Mikhail Podgurskiy

Hi, Johannes. Thank you for sharing link. I completely agree on that
AGPL+$ models do not works. Especially for high (10k+) licence cost
and scientific library that hard to use and have many
counterparts. AGPL licence just require to distribute source code of
the software and derived work under AGPL licence, and don't prohibit
commercial usage for anyone.

Viewflow business model oriented to AGPL + $For Pro Features
model. As an example I could point you to the Sidekiq software.

Please, try to understand my points. I'm the author of the two
successful open-source libraries for django: django-jenkins and
django-fsm. I provide a support for them over 6 years. django-fsm
have over 2.5k+ downloads, and included into debian and ubuntu
distribution. Based on my experience I highly sceptical about
value and quality of community patches. Django-Viewflow is much
bigger and much complicated library than django-jenkins and
django-fsm. Django-Viewflow can't be life without good sustained
business model behind it.

There are many workflow projects even for django that was in
active development a half of year or less, and then stopped. Even
the most successful ruby project ruote stopped after 2 years.

Workflow library can't be implemented just in 500+ lines of code,
that makes maintaining and accept pull requests just a one
weekend work, as happens for mine django-jenkins and django-fsm

I think all you consequence happens just b/c you jump on train before
viewflow 1.0 release. Please wait carefully, Viewflow designed to be
good 3d partly library that plays well in any infrastructure, as long
as you use it as the 3d party library, and not as part of your

I expect i'll able to push new 0.10 release in a next 2 weeks, if i
don't have to spend a lot of time on answering on enormous amount of
requests from you, that overloaded me recently (ex, writing this response
takes over 4 hours in total for me for thinking about what arguments you
can understand and writing all of them)

0.10 going to be almost same as 1.0 release. For the product
finalization I need just a time on creating a video tutorials and
extended documentation

Johannes Maron
@kmmbvnr don’t get me wrong, I have ne problem with the business business model. I just thought it was an interesting article.
Let me be very clear about something: I don’t doubt your ability to provide great code. I wouldn’t be using both fsm and viewflow if it wasn’t for that.
Please try to understand the tho:
We have special requirements in terms of version support, we don’t need Django 1.6 but the latest. We have a very strickt policy about upgrading, ether we fix it or drop it. In the case of viewflow, we fix it. We can’t do that reliably with your current release cycle. That’s why we use git.
Further more, you currently can’t use inheritance of Flows, the some structurs require a lot of overwriting to be implemented. Like dynamic reassigning. We still did all that in our code base.
I only started this discussion, because I wanted to give some of the features back, I’m sorry that you experience this as a burdon. I felt bad, because we implemented so many new features for ourselfs and didn’t share them with others.
Anothing thing, that just doesn’t add up it: A college of mine proposes a feature, just in advance because she’s already working on implementing it. And you decided you’re not gonna make it available for us. That is maybe not what you inteded, but that is how it feelks like form our side.
To sum it up, we are absolutly willing to pay for good software and we are also willing to implement all the features we need ourselves, all I’m asking for is not making it too difficult for us.
Btw, if answering my questions eats up too much of your time, we are also willing to pay for good support
Mikhail Podgurskiy
@codingjoe if you need a feature, please, like any usual customer, fill the feature request in the zendesk form. You don't have to attack my development workflow, or try to penetrate the codebase with ill-prepared patches.
Johannes Maron
@kmmbvnr I’m sorry that I made you feel this way. Please believe me that was not my intention. I really just wanted us to recontribute some of the feature we wrote.
Hello @kmmbvnr ! i'm new with Viewflow; i would like to know how can i start a new process instance passing some parameters to the start function. Shortly : i've a process for approve documents, in the document detail page, i would like to start the process and save the 'pk' of the document in the Process Model.
Mikhail Podgurskiy
@pmolini yes you can pass anargument yo start ptocess function. All args *kwargs will goes to through
You can modify activation.process model before calling activatoon.done that would actually save the process.
just Done , And it Works! Thanks
Hello @kmmbvnr , i succesfully used the method for "Custom dynamic split node" creation, for get a number of splits based on a previous task results.
Hi @kmmbvnr , one question : how can i set a http redirect during the execution of the last task of a Flow ( flow.end() ) ? I mean , normaly when i use a "View" task, viewflow use the absolute_url of the related model for get the success Url, otherwise i can override the method, but how can i do that with the flow.End Task ?
Mikhail Podgurskiy

flow-end task have now view that executed. so there is no such thing like redirect on flow.end

redirects are performed only by View and Start tasks.

Johannes Maron
@kmmbvnr have you tried viewflow task jobs with celery v4 yet? I haven’t but thought about updating soon.
Mikhail Podgurskiy
I didn't see any breaking changes related to the simple task execution in the celery 4
Johannes Maron
Nope me neather, I was just curious if anyone had actually tried it. Well anyways, I’ll let you know if anything pops up. Tho I reall doubt it, too
Ravin Somi
@kmmbvnr - I am exploring viewflow for one of automating internal processes. Quick questions -
  1. How are service tasks in BPMN handled in viewflow? 2. Can we have an external event trigger a continuation of a process?
It will be great if you point me to the code for the same.
Mikhail Podgurskiy
@ravinsomi Service tasks
  • viewflow.flow.Handler if it's synchronous
  • viewflow.contrib.celery.job for asynchronous jobs
external trigger is the
  • viewflow.flow.Function
Ravin Somi
How do customize our UI? Is there a way to override templates?
Also, I want start a workflow with a field pre-populated from another model? how can I acheive this? the example shown in shipment creates the shipment and kicks off the process. Instead I want to start a process with shipment information already available in my model from external system.
Mikhail Podgurskiy
Templates could be overridden like in any usual django application - http://docs.viewflow.io/frontend_customization.html
For start a flow with an item attached to process StartFunction could be used
Mikhail Podgurskiy
Hey @/all I'm glad to announce viewflow 1.0 release https://medium.com/@viewflow/viewflow-1-0-835b72a65fea
1.0 would be supported till django 1.8 end of life (apr 2018)
next version of Viewflow would be django 1.11+ compatible
Elias Coutinho
Can anyone use django-stuff with admin dashboard stuff?
Aldon Palmer
is there a way to save the data being created at the start of a process somewhere else temporarily until its approved and then eventually saved permanently?
It seems like that to use the REST API, you can only have one flow per app, or else it gets confused and starts mixing the flows up
for instance, i took the helloworld cookbook example and added another flow in demo/helloworld/flows.py
this is the result from /workflow/api/flows
``` {
"flow_class": "helloworld/flows.JustAnotherFlow",
"title": "Just Another",
"description": null,
"start_actions": [],
"url": "/workflow/api/flows/helloworld/"
so two flows, one called JustAnotherFlow and the other called HelloWorldFlow, but only one flow shows up, and it contains parts of both
do i just not understand how to have multiple flows? is this something to do with namespaces?
Elias Coutinho


Is there any solution to achieve an autocomplete using a select?

Hi, I need some quick advice on choosing between django-fsm and django-viewflow:

I have a simple linear workflow where a single task will have a list of approvers that it must pass through (linearly, each in turn) for confirmation before being completed.

I would like to create a finite state machine to track the status of each task in the workflow. I know I can do this easily in django-fsm if I pre-define the number of approvers in each workflow. E.g. if it were 3 I could simply put this in an FSMintegerfield and then create associated functions each approver would call.

However, say that I wanted to allow users to define the number of approvers (and therefore the number of steps) themselves. How could I go about this? I would still keep this a linear progression, not parallel.

Is there a way to do this with django-fsm or am I looking at this wrong? I thought perhaps trying to dynamically create the STATUS_CHOICES proxy by looping though the number/length of approvers but I am not sure how to start. Perhaps a lamba function in the source and target of the FSMIntegerField?

Is this something I should be looking at ViewFlow to solve?

Mikhail Podgurskiy
Hi rob. Generally djangp-fsm is for handling basic things and mostly related to inner model state managing, like an order states. Django-viewflow is the think workflow layer on top of django MVT and suited to handlepeople workflows.
Bren Eser

Hello all, can someone help with viewflow activation management form date formats? {{activation.management_form}} puts in a hidden input as <input type="hidden" name="_viewflow_activation-started" value="2020-03-16 16:07:48.932914" id="id__viewflow_activation-started">

But the problem is when submitted I get Enter a valid date/time error

I already have date input formats configured in the app settings as:
# Date formats
DATE_INPUT_FORMATS = ['%d-%b-%Y']  # input formats
DATE_FORMAT = ['d-M-Y']  # format for displaying date
Bren Eser
@kmmbvnr maybe?
Hello, can someone help me with asynchronous tasks in flows.py? I'm trying to add a timer (using the sleep function in a Handler). Although with Split several tasks are created in parallel, when one of them reaches a sleep function the tasks are all blocked instead of just the one that called the function
@jdiog0 Are you using SQLite as your database? If so can you try PostgreSQL and see if you have the same problem?
@UndyingScroll I'm using PostgreSQL. I have no errors when running the application but the tasks are synchronous
Hola, disculpen soy nuevo en explorar esta biblioteca les agradecería mucho si alguien tuviera información que me pueda servir, como tutoriales, videos etc. De como se implementa desde cero ya que en la documentación oficial no es muy clara que digamos, Saludos !
@kmmbvnr Saludos !!