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    Thank you @w0rp. But if I turn off preview in the completeopt, then ale_detail wont work anymore. It would be nice to be able to have a keybinding for ale_detail, so I can use it when I need to, but still get ride of the live preview while typing.
    The preview window for completion is separate from the preview window usage for :ALEDetail, so that shouldn't be an issue.
    You are right, I was doing something dumb again. Thanks @w0rp!
    Hi! According to the following gcc doc:
    The options should include a '-cpp' preprocessor flag for certain file extensions.
    Is there any way to add that?
    Jesse Atkinson
    Hm. I'm having trouble getting Typescript working with Ale out of the box. I looked at the docs but didn't see anything diving into it. The main features I want to use are :ALEHover and :ALEGoToDefinition. Any help/tips getting Typescript support in ALE?
    Christian Maniewski

    @jsatk hmm, it does work for me. I have an ftplugin file set up for typescript:

    let b:ale_fixers = {'typescript': ['prettier', 'eslint']}

    Also I think TS should be installed in your project and you will need a tsconfig.json

    Oh wait you don't need the fixing part, then you shouldn't need the ftplugin file either
    Jesse Atkinson
    Hm. Will try on a diff project.
    Ryan Delaney
    Two questions: (1) Any way to get ale to give me some kind of error when it's not running any linters because I screwed up something in my config? (2) What did I screw up to explain why it's not running any linters?
    Seth Bromberger
    anyone using vim + ale + gopls ?
    I'm running into some weird completion issues.
    Ryan Delaney
    Using shellcheck with ale I commonly get "The mentioned syntax error was in this expression" but the rest of the error is missing. ALEDetail does not improve the information I have access to, so I have to background vim and run it manually to find out the rest. Any suggestions?
    Ryan Delaney
    I will make a github issue for this one
    Ryan Delaney
    I see what's going on. I have to move my cursor deeper into the line to get the messages
    I suppose that makes this a feature and not a bug
    Hi there. I have the same issue as @jsatk Impossible to use eslint on a typescript project.
      Command History:
    (executable check - success) /storage/enlaps/web-app-frontend/node_modules/eslint/bin/eslint.js
    (started) ['/bin/bash', '-c', '''/storage/enlaps/web-app-frontend/node_modules/eslint/bin/eslint.js'' -f json --stdin --stdin-filename ''/storage/enlaps/web-app-frontend/src/App.tsx'' < ''/tmp/nvimccHUyG/5/App.tsx''']
    (finished - exit code 2) ['/bin/bash', '-c', '''/storage/enlaps/web-app-frontend/node_modules/eslint/bin/eslint.js'' -f json --stdin --stdin-filename ''/storage/enlaps/web-app-frontend/src/App.tsx'' < ''/tmp/nvimccHUyG/6/App.tsx''']
    Daniel Nehrig
    Hi does someone have a idea how I can make uncrustify work with ale in csharp
    I added uncrustify as a fixer to the filetype 'cs'
    but I don't get linting issues
    and if I do ALEFix or save it doesn't fix anything
    Daniel Nehrig
    I got it working
    Husain Alshehhi

    Hi all. I am trying to setup ale with eclipse jdt. I am coming from languageclient-neovim. I am using the script:

    #!/usr/bin/env sh
    case "$OSTYPE" in
      darwin*)  CONFIG=config_mac ;; 
      linux*)   CONFIG=config_linux ;;
      *)        echo "unknown: $OSTYPE" ;;
    java \
        -javaagent:$LOMBOK_JAR \
        -Xbootclasspath/p:$LOMBOK_JAR \ \
        -Dosgi.bundles.defaultStartLevel=4 \ \
        -Dlog.level=WARN \
        -noverify \
        -Xmx1G \
        -jar $SERVER/plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.*.jar \
        -configuration $SERVER/config_mac \
        -Djava.formatter.fileName $JAVA_STYLE_CONFIG \

    to setup the server. How do I migrate this to ale?

    ale provides two variables "g:ale_java_eclipselsp_path" and "g:ale_java_eclipse_config_path" that don't seem to correspond directly to these configurations I am setting
    Does ALE support GoToImplementation for C++ or something similar? I can't go from a function prototype in a header to its implementation in .cpp file.
    Jesse Atkinson
    :ALEGoGoDefinition @xotonic
    Marko Vujanic
    @w0rp is there anyway :ALEDetails keeps the colors in preview window?
    I think you or someone else opened an issue for that now. I don't know of a way to support colors in the preview window at the moment. It depends on how colors are represented in whatever text is given to ALE.
    Marko Vujanic
    @w0rp It was me. Later on, I released plugin for elm that dose this. Thanks..

    I try to use ale with clangd in neovim, I get Pattern not found after dot following object name, same as in dense-analysis/ale#2537

    I have the latest version of ale. Any hints how to fix this?

    Also, minor detail, after I start typing the method name, it eventually shows the completion popup.

    David García
    Dear all, how can I disable the preview window when in insert mode (where the doc is shown) ?
    David García
    Thanks, "set completeopt-=preview" did it.
    Seth Bromberger
    how do I specify that linter output should be shown in the gutter as a warning instead of an error, but that languageserver output should be an error?
    right now both are showing up as errors.
    Seth Bromberger
    found it. let g:ale_type_map = {'golangci-lint': {'ES': 'I', 'E': 'I'}}
    Do Hoang
    im trying to install ale in neovim
    here is my configuration
    but when i try to format a js file, both on save and :ALEToggle, it doenst take effect
    do i missing something?
    Brad Compton (he/him)
    :wave: Howdy folks! Is there anybody who uses Vim with C# and can help me get a linting integration set up for StyleCop?
    Hi Guys, do you know how to specify extra command line argument to LSP in ALE? e.g. I would like to specify --log_file /tmp/ccls.log to ccls
    Hello! I have a question when ALE will support c++ concepts? When I use concepts, it creates a lot of unrelated warnings, so plugin becomes almost useless.
    hello, folks!
    I can't find anything in the manual, but how can I connect to remote language server using ale ?
    TJ Kolleh
    How can I disable ale on startup (default) and use :ALEEnable to enable it as needed
    hi, i have a problem with ghc libraries, i want ALE to check haskell code with the-dynamic option for ghc, how can i do that?
    Richard Lopes
    hey guys how do I prevent lint for showing errors on a node_modules file?
    Tomasz Trębski
    hey, can someone help me out. Do I need such code while working inside of virtualenv?
    Mainly I prefer yapf but some projects have black, just wonder if explicit setting of fixers is needed or not:
    Dan Aloni
    I wrote an ALE checker for git rebase -i:
    Hi. I am currently updating my neovim config and have found the g:ale_sign_highlight_linenrs option. I really like it and now want to disable display of errors in the sign column only. Is this possible?