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Repo info
Tufão IRC bot
packer1234 whats this
vinipsmaker hey
vinipsmaker this is the channel for the Tufão web framework
Tufão IRC bot
hello hello
Tufão IRC bot
hsqr64 what is your opinion on this
Tufão IRC bot
hsqr64 vinipsmaker@
Tufão IRC bot
vinipsmaker hi
vinipsmaker still there?
vinipsmaker looking at the front page, not going in any detail, it seems fine
vinipsmaker "node.native consists of header files(*.h) only, but requires libuv and http-parser lib to use."
vinipsmaker http-parser is horrible. I don't trust most people would use it correctly:
vinipsmaker about the interface, if it fits your requirements, you have a useful tool
Tufão IRC bot
hsqr64 vinipsmaker: i just stumbled upon it and it seemed to go quite in the same direction as your project
Tufão IRC bot
vinipsmaker hsqr64, I agree. Only diference of "intent" seems to be I run on top of Qt.
vinipsmaker Well, now I devote all my side-time coding to Boost.Http
vinipsmaker I offered Rodrigo Delduca the ownership of the Tufão project so somebody else could maintain it. Unfortunately, he refused
hi ,anyone can help me with install failed “qmake: could not exec '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt4/bin/qmake': No such file or directory”,where can i find the qmake config ?
Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira

hi, someone reported a Tufão issue related to WebSocket: vinipsmaker/tufao#89

I won't have the time to look into that anytime soon[1]. I'd appreciate if someone could investigate this issue.

[1] like I mentioned in the, I can't maintain this project anymore

hi, when compile time have a error
error is for boost library
How can i solve it
nice project, keep going