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  • Sep 04 2018 04:58
    vivien commented #311
  • Sep 04 2018 04:51

    vivien on dynamic-properties

    json: split generic JSON parsin… map: abstract properties struct… map: support dynamic properties… and 12 more (compare)

  • Sep 04 2018 04:07
    vivien closed #285
  • Sep 04 2018 04:07
    vivien commented #285
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  • Aug 23 2018 20:48
    kb100 commented #311
Nenad Ilic
@kb100 I completlly agree
Is it possible for me to output pango markup within a json-encoded string? Or, for that matter, does i3blocks respect escape characters within json? I don't seem to be able to include an escaped double quote within my persistent script output.
Hi guys, why is the wifi blocklet not showing ssid?
Found it, sorry
hey guys, recently got into i3blocks and it's awesome! Unfortunately got stuck with font icons, I've used fontello to create font, but it for some reason I get extra block next to icon(as if I would have used unknown symbol or font is not loaded) FontAwesome works just fine. Any ideas what am I missing?
hey, if anyone has any remote remote , designer, DevOps or Sysadmin jobs they can post them at http://webwork.io
Gabriel Sirilan
Hey guys, how do I pass arguments to scripts, e.g -i and -o at https://github.com/vivien/i3blocks/blob/master/scripts/bandwidth ?
I know that I'm a bit of an ignorant, but I tried to scour the man page, but I didn't find any way. Could someone please help?
Jason Pleau
@vivien welcome back ;) thanks for merging the pandoc stuff!
@gsiris in the command= section of your config you just add on the arguments just like you were calling it from command line
command=/path/to/bandwidth -i arg1 arg2 ...
Vivien Didelot
Hi @jpleau !
I'm still busy with kernel networking stuffs, but I'm preparing a proof of concept for a new version
thanks to you and others for the support ;-)
Hello! @vivien do you have any plans to support i3blocks on freebsd?
I managed to build it by fixing some linux specific signal stuff, but apparently not well enough for it to actually work.
Loris Lucido
it's quite here
like, i3bocks is perfect, and there isn't more we can say about it
Vivien Didelot
hi @benjiii ! I would like to, but I didn't plan to work on it yet (I'm not using freebsd). i3blocks is strongly event I/O driven, which doesn't seem to be fully supported by freebsd (yet?). I might be possible to cleanly abstract the scheduler with a bit of cleanups though.
Amos Bird
hi, is there a widget for monitoring the /tmp folder size?
Vivien Didelot

Hi @amosbird. There may be a script for that, but an ugly and simple version can be:

command=du -csh /tmp 2>/dev/null | grep total | awk '{print $1}'

to check the disk usage of the /tmp directory every 30s.

Amos Bird
@vitamin-q:matrix.org Hi, for some reason my i3blocks is rendering fontawesome characters like this. Anyone know why? This only happened 2 days ago, previously it has been working fine on my arch installation and I haven't touched my config
@vitamin-q:matrix.org posted an image: tmp.png
Will Hoskings
how tf do i get the default conf for i3blocks
im lost
Carl Hicks
Is this channel still active??
Screenshot from 2019-06-26 17-42-11.png
Ran into a weird issue with Awesome font displaying icons incorrectly. The reason I'm raising the question here rather than in a Ubuntu or Awesome font support forum is it only is happening in i3blocks.
Carl Hicks
In the image above I'm using the default openvpn script
I'm only printing the network icon from awesome font ( network-wired f6ff) and the status rather than connection name or VPN.
I can switch out icons with other icons and occasionally they will work.
Carl Hicks
Above is an example of the icons displaying in emacs on my machine.
Carl Hicks
Using Ubuntu 19.04 with i3 version 4.16.1 and i3blocks 1.4 (the Ubuntu package) Awesome font 5.9.0
Leo Palmer Sunmo

Hey @vivien , I'm having some trouble getting interval=persist blocklets to work. I always get a "Bad File descriptor" and "pipe closed" issue. Example journald log below:

Jun 29 13:36:48 leo-ThinkPad-T480 i3-gnome-flashback.desktop[1849]: ERROR read_nonblock:70: read from 3: Bad file descriptor
Jun 29 13:36:48 leo-ThinkPad-T480 i3-gnome-flashback.desktop[1849]: ERROR block_update:203: [playerctl] pipe closed

I tried the pipe buffer stuff I saw in a few issues, for example stdbuf -i0 -o0 -e0 /usr/share/i3blocks/playerctl, but I just get twice the error logs.
Any troubleshooting suggestions?

Leo Palmer Sunmo
I'm pretty sure I have the wrong version for this. I have version 1.4 which does not include the commit with Click to persist blocklets. Any plans for a new release?
Leo Palmer Sunmo
Compiled from source, and now it's working! My bad!
Gabriel Alves
I can't install i3blocks on fedora 30 :(
Gabriel Alves
Can someone help me?
I am facing a problem with i3blocks, when I connect to a new wifi network i3 freezes(accepts no input from keyboard) for 10-20 seconds. I looked into the i3blocks issues on github and did not find any similar problem. Is there any solution for this ?