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Muhammad Adel
Could you help me by telling how to get Slack user status on Laravel?
Vagner Luz do Carmo
@d3vma to get a list of users with theirs info, you can do slack('user')->lists()
but, with you want to know if a user is logged in, you can do slack('rtm')>start()
Vagner Luz do Carmo
that will return an array, you should get the index "users"
like slack('rtm')->start()->users
Gareth Cozens
Hey Vagner, Quick question. When sending a message the newline (\n) is being ignored and is sent as plain text. I cant see any encoding being done on ourside. Does the parse argument affect this?
Gareth Cozens
Dont stress. figured it out. Not sure if it was because I stored the message in a TEXT MYSQL field or if I turned parse none/full.
Vagner Luz do Carmo
Ok, let me know if you figure it out
Gareth Cozens
I think the new line needs to be separated with a space , i.e. \n\n wont parse.
Vagner Luz do Carmo
In my tests, it works fine:
slack('chat')->message('#general', "New\nLine");
(note double quotes)
if that "\n" is inside the message (plain text) you should replaceit,
$message = preg_replace('/\\n/', "\n", $message);
(double quotes)
Gareth Cozens
Yeah figured that out over the weeked. It was much easier to store the message in the DB as a TEXT field. THanks for the heads up
Chris Deaton
Anyone running into this issue? Target [Vluzrmos\SlackApi\Contracts\SlackUser] is not instantiable while building
Hi There ,
I just got email from slack. I am using vluzrmos slack api
On February 19, 2020, Slack will end support for TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1. Your organization has been identified as using an unsupported version of TLS. If you don't upgrade to TLS 1.2, requests sent to any Slack service will fail.
TLS (Transport Layer Security) enables a secure connection between two web-based applications that share information – like your IT systems and Slack. This shift aligns with industry best practices for security and data integrity.
Here's how to continue using Slack without interruption:
Identify which parts of your organization are using an unsupported version of TLS
Ensure your organization is using the latest version of Slack on desktop and mobile, or in a supported browser version
All developers who are owners of affected apps or integrations have also been contacted with upgrade instructions
We're here to help! Learn more about the transition to TLS 1.2 in our Help Center, and if you have any unanswered questions simply email