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funziona benissimo e vorrei acquistare un paio di sistemi per la diffusione di musica, per ascoltare la webradio, visto che il segnale FM è un pò scarso. Il mio problema è che potrebbe mancare sporadicamente internet e vorrei che in automatico riproducesse una scaletta memorizzata su usb fino al rientro di internet...tutto in automatico, è possibile?
Hola!! He instalado volumio y no tengo activado el boton de abajo a la derecha que es para transmitir el audio a otros dispositivos, me aparece una señal de vacio. Porque?? solo funciona con los plugins de spotify??? Quisiera transmitir por airplay a unos altavoces
audio ouputs and zones
Please,. only English
Excuse me...
Good morning, I just signed up because one afternoon I tried the Volumio application and I would like to ask you some questions
it works very well and I would like to buy a couple of systems for the diffusion of the music, to listen to the webradio, since the FM signal is a little poor. My problem is that it could be missing sporadically on the Internet and I would like it to automatically reproduce a ladder stored on SD Card until the return of the Internet ... everything automatically, is it possible? Thanks
Hello! I have 2 questions, first is there any plans on adding Apple Music support and the other question is how does the sleep setting work and what does it do?
Hi Guys, I just installed Volumio on a Raspberry and it work find, realy good. I installed a spotifi plugins and trying to get it to work. What do I need to get my Spotify music streaming? I upgraded my current plan to virtuoso, but I still can't see Spotify in my sourcelist...
Paul Wells
@xaviuchiha The transmit button is only for other Volumio devices on your network.
@Ja9var There are two Spotify plugins. Spotify-connect allows you to select Volumio as a player from Spotify app on your phone or computer. Spotify allows you so see your own Spotify feed. You need to reboot after installing and activating the plugins.
Wolfgang Traxler
Hi, I´m a new Volumio user and run the system on a rasperry pi 4B with a dragonfly red USB DAC. As I want to change the DAC to an i2s DAC I found the ABACUS Aroio DAC. My qestion is, is this DAC compatible with Volumio ?
Mrinal Thakur
Hello there. Newbie to the raspberry pi world. I have just installed Volumio on my pi 4 - it does not seem to connect to my 5G wifi network, but will connect to the 2.4G network - is this a known issues?
Bruce Abrams
I'm running Volumio on my pi with a hifiberry card feeding an external DAC and have been reasonably pleased. (I'd love to see the level of integration between Tidal and my local library that Roon manages but that's another story.) The challenge lies with the iOS app. The desktop browser app (on any device, including my iPad) finds Volumio instantly, while the iOS app now takes several minutes to find the Volumio device EVERY TIME IT'S LAUNCHED. Extremely aggravating since I paid for the app. Please advise. TIA
Mrinal Thakur
Also is there any way of getting Apple Music working?
Rob Kendrick
Hi there: Is it possible to get Volumio to enable resampling selectively on output: My Hi Fi supports 44k1 and 48k, but I have 44k1, 48k, 88k2, 96k, 172k4, and 192k source material. The only resampling option I can find is to always resample to a specific target, rather than resample to the a more appropriate rate for the source material. (For example, resample all 44k1 base rate material to 44k1, and all 48k base rate material to 48k)
I'm not able to connect my Rasp 3 to my bluetooth speaker. Everything is paired, trusted, connected but no sound and still there is a alsa failure
good afternoon . I installed volume version 2729. the subscription is in the trial period but as a virtuous one at the moment. I have a tidal account. the tidal menu does not appear in the server menu, should it be there that it appeared correct? How can I do it ?
Rob Kendrick
I'm wondering if this channel is dead at the moment (for understandable reasons) in terms of developers/experienced users: Scrolling back up there are only questions, no offered answers for a couple of weeks: is there anywhere else to try asking?
@rjek_twitter This isn't really an official support channel.. The Forum is a better/more active place..
To update my information !
Raspeberry show Tidal after several times (more 5) reboot and logout / login!
Rob Kendrick
Ah, it's a shame there isn't an IRC channel or mailing list. Thanks!
@rjek_twitter it seems totally dead, I agree...
Hi anyone know how to get past the media center file folder count limit my collection has 40000+ songs and it will only show the lib up to letter j?
running a minidlna on a pi local to volumio
I can see all the files from other systems this is why i think its a limit in the systme
Davide Inguaggiato
Hello everybody! Help: i cannot see my NAS archive in my music library. I can browse the "network drives" but not see info, cover art, etc. Any suggestion? Volumio's user is accounted on the NAS, with all permissions.
Vlad Rover
@simpsoninternetwork у меня такая же проблема. Диск 4 TB, но система видит лишь 2,94 TB
@rover_vlad_twitter Got any english for me?
@rover_vlad_twitter my disk is only 1tb folder is 213g
@daveingua_twitter are you using cifs or nfs?
Pedro Escudero
Hello, I would like to know how to use Youtube?
I can't find the youtube plugin
Jordan Lavoie
Hi everyone, I am able to output audio when I am playing live radio, when I try to use my (signed in and authorized) Spotify, it shows the songs are playing but there is no audio coming out of the Raspberry Pi 3. I have tested both the HDMI output and the Audio jack and both work with a radio station, but no audio with Spotify. I appreciate any suggestions and input! Thank you
Richard Norris
My DAC is not listed in playback options. Is there a workaround? I am brand new to Volumio and Raspberry Pi
Gianmarco Zannoni
Hi, I'm trying to boot the usb drive I made with the x86 version of volumio on an old Core2Duo Macbook pro. The video gets stuck at the boot logo, although sometimes the loading continues because I can hear the bootup sound. Can I do something about it? I guess the drivers do not work for the Nvidia 8600GT it has
Øistein Kjos
@rnorris77_gitlab What dac do you have and how is IT connected? If it’s i2s did you try the generic?
Hi, new to the chat.
I believe I click mute on the WebUI and I can't get it to unmute. I've tried restarting, adjusting volume. Currently using Allo BOSS DAC with the Volume Attenuator. Anyone else running into something similar?
Jaco Labuschagne
Hi Everyone. I'm new here. My Logitech Player does not connect to the LMS Server on the Volumio. Any ideas?
Richard Norris
@oisteink Thanks.. I solved it... I needed to select HiFace...
Simon Lee
Hey Guys is there any issue with Spotify Oauth?
Simon Lee
Also having an issues with snapcast
Ali Asad Lotia
greetings all. New to volumio but already very impressed. Would like to port to the Slice media player for which the official support is now defunct. But there is a build of libreelec foi it. I’d like to add similar support for volumio. Is there a repo or a directory in a repo that describes the build process for raspberry pi? I found but that doesn’t provide rpi specific stuff? I’m happy to read scripts/code in a repo, would appreciate a pointer please if someone can provide one.
andy sol
I have a brand new RPi 3 with HiFi Berry card into a Beresford DAC but am unable to hear any sound. Can somebody advise on the appropriate settings? FYI the audio outputs symbol on the bottom right of the Volumio screen is disabled.
Risto Novik
Hello, is the default spotify plugin functional or it's not working?
Gé Koerkamp
gals/guys, you are wasting your time on gitter. Volumio Devs and Supporters (like me) visit here rarely. In case you expect answers, log your issues and questions on