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Feb 2017
Ben John Bagley
Feb 26 2017 02:40
Ok I'm trying to get nameservers to list
and I can't
def get_nameserver(nameserver)
      action: "GET",
      object: "NAMESERVER",
      cookie: "366828736:3210384",
      attributes: {
        name: nameserver.hostname,
        ipaddress: ""
I have that in my controller
There wasn't any notice that I had to change anything
I have the API keys etc all that has been added
<%= @dashboard.get_nameserver.each do %>
  <li><%= get_nameserver %></li>
<% end %>
This is what I have in my code
Ben John Bagley
Feb 26 2017 02:46
I could just install WHMCS but I have a custom dashboard created, I just need to implement the API
@voxxit @chamnap @andrewhavens any support on this? ^^