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Josh Delsman
Hi, gang! Let's chat about how to make the Ruby API better -- and perhaps official? :sparkles: :smile:
Andrew Havens
Nice! Thanks for starting this.
Andrew Havens
By the way, a while back I started creating a gem I called “resellerator”, designed to avoid vendor lock-in and abstract the differences between working with domain reseller APIs. I wanted to create something like the fog gem, so you could easily switch out the provider without having to rebuild your entire app. Not sure if anyone else is interested in working on this with me.
Josh Delsman
Could be :)
Chamnap Chhorn
@voxxit, i'm curious when you could release the latest version to rubygems.org? Why you want to hold off a new release?
Josh Delsman
@chamnap 0.3.5 has been out for a while now. Is there a feature/fix in particular you're waiting on?
Ben John Bagley
I'm looking to use this gem for a project, however what is the development status for this gem?
Also it would be nice if there was more documentation for this gem.
Ben John Bagley
Ok I'm trying to get nameservers to list
and I can't
def get_nameserver(nameserver)
      action: "GET",
      object: "NAMESERVER",
      cookie: "366828736:3210384",
      attributes: {
        name: nameserver.hostname,
        ipaddress: ""
I have that in my controller
There wasn't any notice that I had to change anything
I have the API keys etc all that has been added
<%= @dashboard.get_nameserver.each do %>
  <li><%= get_nameserver %></li>
<% end %>
This is what I have in my code
Ben John Bagley
I could just install WHMCS but I have a custom dashboard created, I just need to implement the API
@voxxit @chamnap @andrewhavens any support on this? ^^
holla is anyone home
Josh Delsman
WOW! Sorry, everyone... I just realized this existed.
Scott Duke

Hello all,
Was just wondering if anyone has had any issues with the gem and on server.call it doesn't seem to be sending the request to Opensrs or timing out? Also spoke to Opensrs themselves and they couldn't see the particular request in their logs.

Using version 0.3.6.

R.T. Lechow
@ScottDuke Have you added your IP to the API whitelist on OpenSRS? https://manage.opensrs.com/#!/account/API
Scott Duke
@rtlechow yeah we've got that. Just found in one of the logs it's segfaulting so trying to replicate it