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Aug 2015
looks like a light weight version of lens.
Data.Label seem to be another approach (fclabels package)
Jaseem Abid
Aug 01 2015 16:10
I would love to stay away from all the lens libraries for a while
Jaseem Abid
Aug 01 2015 18:34
I managed to get code navigation work quite nicely with codex.
cabal install codex
cabal install  hasktags (the debian package is something else)
# Add `tagsCmd: hasktags --etags --output="$TAGS" "$SOURCES"` to ~/.codex
cd project
codex update
M-x visit-tags-table 
Works with all the additional packages listed in the cabal file. Very nice :)
Jaseem Abid
Aug 01 2015 18:39
Useful to quicky see definitions from stdlib. See liftM for example. simple and elegant
-- | Promote a function to a monad.
liftM   :: (Monad m) => (a1 -> r) -> m a1 -> m r
liftM f m1              = do { x1 <- m1; return (f x1) }