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Sep 2015
Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan
Sep 27 2015 01:50
@jaseemabid was busy with work for the past few weeks. Hope to rewrite tracker handling soon. We need one MVar (already in place, need to wrap in MVar). to store the peer list. Otherwise, it is just a forkIO thread that needs to sleep for the "interval" that it gets from the tracker, update peer list.
Also hope to add UDP tracker support along with it so that the client is a lot more usable.
FYI, I have mostly diverged from the one in the bangalore haskell group now.
Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan
Sep 27 2015 07:27
@harshavardhana welcome. Haven't met you before, I think. We are a bunch of people here in the bangalore haskell group, trying to learn Haskell.
Sep 27 2015 07:37
@vu3rdd - very nice to hear that. Yes we have not met before. I am just a Haskell enthusiast saw this project to be interesting so just hanging out here.