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Oct 2015
Oct 14 2015 09:38 UTC
Wow! even on twitter lots going on...
Jaseem Abid
Oct 14 2015 10:11 UTC
Hello! I'm alive :)
@dfordivam I have half done patch, but its completely contradicts what you asked me to do. I think we should brainstrom on that next time we meetup. its been a few weeks since i've seen the code, so I need to brush up.
This was about parent sending messages to children threads.
@dfordivam Yeah, since I'm the co-host you can expect me at all PWL meetups. I try to not miss any meetings unless really required
I'll spend time on this later today.
Jaseem Abid
Oct 14 2015 12:19 UTC
ha ha. Haskell WAT talk would be a good one to watch